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Emmis Announces International Expansion of HOT 97 Summer Jam America’s Largest Hip Hop Festival Goes Global: First Stop, Tokyo

Mar 30, 2016, 11:13 ET from Emmis Communications


Emmis объявляет о международной экспансии HOT 97 Летняя вечеринка (Summer Jam) Крупнейший Хип Хоп фестиваль Америки идет глобальный: первая остановка, Токио

hot-97-summer-jam-tokyo-1INDIANAPOLIS, March 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Emmis Communications (NASDAQ: EMMS) today announced that the world’s largest Hip Hop concert, HOT 97 Summer Jam on June 5, 2016 at MetLife Stadium, will expand internationally with the launch of HOT 97 Summer Jam Tokyo in July 2016.

Emmis has signed a multi-year license agreement with Avex Live Creative, Japan’s premiere entertainment production & management company, a division of Avex Group Holdings.  As part of this arrangement for Summer Jam Tokyo, Avex will also utilize Trevanna Entertainment, the production team behind Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium.

Now in its 23rd year, HOT 97 Summer Jam is a day-long, two-stage celebration of Hip Hop attracting more than 55,000 fans and the genre’s top names. Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and more have previously performed. The annual festival is famous for their surprise, unannounced musical guests.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
“HOT 97 Summer Jam Tokyo reinforces the global awareness and significance of the HOT 97 brand and the groundbreaking DJs who play such an important role in breaking and cultivating hip hop’s top past, present and without question future performers,” said Patrick Walsh, President, Emmis Communications. “HOT 97 has a passionate following in Japan and hip hop is experiencing enormous growth in popularity among Japanese millennials. We look forward to working with our partners to deliver an authentic HOT 97 Summer Jam experience to the growing legion of Japanese hip hop fans and share the experience with our American listeners as we promote the groundbreaking event to our audience in New York and all over the United States.  Our goal is to add another significant event to a country so rich in history and culture.”

“I feel honored that we are able to bring HOT 97 Summer Jam, one of the world’s most reputable Hip Hop events, to Japan,” comments Katsumi Kuroiwa, CEO of ALC.  “The demand for internal action has been increasing in Japan, and as we approach the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, we expect to gain even more attention from the world.  With the waves of globalization approaching from many directions and the demands for new experiences continuously increasing, the fact that HOT 97 Summer Jam, which represents New York’s Hip Hop culture like nothing else, is coming to Tokyo demonstrates how extremely treasured music festivals are and just how worldly Hip Hop is.  This partnership will bring a taste of New York right into the center of Japanese art & music.”

Summer Jam Tokyo will take place Friday, July 29, 2016 at Zepp Tokyo.  The line-up, which will include some of the hottest names in Hip Hop throughout the world including the biggest Hip Hop acts in Japan, will be announced at a later date.  For the most recent updates, including on-sale information, head to www.hot97summerjamtokyo.jp or follow Summer Jam: Tokyo on Facebook www.facebook.com/HOT97SummerJamTokyo

DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– March 17, 2015

ariana-grande-big-sean-zoomЗнаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

1 Blessing Remix – Big Sean f/ Drake & Kanye West

今ノリに乗ってるラッパー Big Sean。現在の彼女は Ariana Grandeちゃんだし、色々注目されてます。大人気のDrakeに加え、リミックスではKanye Westがフューチャーリングされてて、かなりビッグです。クラブでもお兄さん達にバッチリ人気でホットな曲です。

Everything is going well with Ariana Grande’s hot rapper boyfriend, Big Sean. Remix version of his “Blessings”, a collaboration with Drake featuring Kanye West is getting real big. Especially among young brothers in the club this song is blowing up!

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Between the Lines: George Clintn and Questlove @ Schomburg Center


George Clinton - BookThe funk musician George Clinton shares stories about his life and career on the occasion of the publication of his new book, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?: A Memoir. Clinton will be in conversation with the Roots’ drummer, DJ, writer, and producer Questlove.

Grammy award winning artist George Clinton was the mastermind behind Parliament and Funkadelic, the two bands that virtually defined the funk genre. Clinton began recording solo in 1981, and has earned a widespread recognition for his contributions to the music world.

In the memoir, the Parliament-Funkadelic founder will reveal details regarding legal battles he waged to gain control over copyrights allegedly pilfered early in his career. The book will also chronicle Clinton’s struggles with addiction.

Questlove and GeorgeGeorge Clinton sat down with Questlove @ Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Langston Hughes Auditorium

“Look on page 379,” Clinton says. “This book, I had one intention. It’s my story on trying to recapture for my heirs and my family all the copyright and ownership of all the music you’re talking about. That’s my whole reason for writing the book. With me, I’m 73 years old. I wouldn’t have nothing else to do anyway. I got rid of my habit, so, hey, you ain’t really got nothing to do. I got a lawyer habit now. “

george-clinton-200x200George Clinton began his musical career in New Jersey, where his obsession with doo-wop and R&B led to a barbershop quartet—literally, as Clinton and his friends also styled hair in the local shop—the way kids often got their musical start in the ’50s.

In 1982, he released his solo album, Computer Games, which produced the mega-hit, “Atomic Dog.” The P-Funk Allstar’s music provided the foundation for Dr. Dre’s G-Funk Era that dominated the sound of West Coast Hip Hop during the 1990s.

The Funk pioneer has worked with artists from all genres and insists that allowing his music to be sampled has been instrumental in keeping his career alive.

“And anytime I say something about it, they make it look like I’m attacking the artists. So I really want to tell Dre, Snoop, Puffy and everybody, Jay-Z that I’m not the one that sued them. Matter of fact, I’m asking them to come forward to just – ’cause I’m going to the Supreme Court with this,” he said.

He also states he respects 9-year-old kid’s opinion on music.

“As soon as I hear old musicians … or parents say, “That ain’t music” I run to that music, that’s the music I want. Because it’s going to be the next music. Kids love the music that gets on your nerve. “

As for the naked, crack-smoking hotel fire, well, that’s best told by Clinton himself. His “Brothas Be, Yo, Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?,” co-written with Ben Greenman, is out now.


DJ June Invades Nippon with American Super DJ Clinton Sparks!

DJ Clinton Sparks @ Genius Tokyo


DJ June Invades Nippon with American Super DJ Clinton Sparks!

Harlem2Nippon’s lovely DJ June and her friend, DJ Clinton Sparks, hit Nippon’s big club named “Genius Tokyo” on Wednesday, April 3 located in fashionable Ginza, the upscale district that looks like the Fifth Avenue of New York City.

Sparks was the featured guest DJ for “Super Star Wednesday,” a special party specifically launched for him. This was the first attempt for “Genius Tokyo” to feature a DJ from overseas. DJ June opened the show and pumped the crowd into a frenzy playing smooth R&B, edgy hip-hop and bangin’ club music. June said, “I know how to make ladies dance,” and she proved it.

Sparks is a Grammy nominated celebrity DJ from Boston, Massachusetts who has spun in several foreign cities including London, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Manila. He had never performed in Tokyo and was definitely looking forward to rockin’ the crowd with DJ June.

A rainstorm had the Genius Tokyo owner nervous about the turnout, but the attraction of two world class DJs had the club packed!

When asked how he prepared for his first party in Tokyo, Sparks said, “I got a haircut. Through June’s connection, I got 50% discount so I only paid $70.” This was a significant bargain because he usually spends $400 to $500 for haircut in London and Hollywood.

Dance Floor 3 - @ Genius Tokyo

Sparks is known for his hyper performances, and he lived up to his reputation, standing up in the DJ booth, singing, rapping and screaming with the music. His infectious energy made him an instant favorite, and the party people loved the gifts he tossed into the crowd: custom made glasses with his name on it.

In addition to producing music for Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg and many more, Sparks also released his own song as a producer/performer, “Watch You in 2012. He was overwhelmed by the crazy response when he played the tune in Genius Tokyo. “People went bananas,” he said.

After five days in Tokyo, Sparks is in love with the city. He’s looking forward to his next visit as he announced with a huge smile, “I’ll be back!”