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R.O.K.C. Ramen comes to Harlem



An authentic ramen shop featuring oyster bar and very innovative cocktails opened in Hamilton Heights. At the corner of 141st Street and Broadway, “R.O.K.C. Ramen” has the wood framed windows and traditional printed fabric screens called Noren out front that shows the sign of the real classic Ramen-Ya yet it looks very modern and stylish.


The name R.O.K.S. stands for Ramen + Oyster + Kitchen + Cocktails, the concept of the shop. This is absolutely one of Hamilton Heights (West Harlem) best new hotspots. Oysters, Cocktails & Ramen……..? I thought it was a bit unauthentic but when I learned that the owners had both worked at the renowned East Village speakeasy, “Angel’s Share,” I felt it really made sense.

They serve no plain food. Their Edamame is infused with a touch of Yuzu! The Kyoto ramen is very good with a mix of fish broth and chicken broth. The Tokyo ramen is soy sauce flavored fish based broth topped with pork-belly, garlic oil, bamboo shoot and mizuna.

Not only is the specialty ramen spot the place to go in Hamilton Heights for soup noodles but now crafted cocktails are in the mix.

R.O.K.C. Ramen Kyoto IMG_0781

R.O.K.C. Ramen Tokyo IMG_0764

R.O.K.S. Ramen
3452 Broadway (at 141st Street)   MAP


George Clinton and Paliament / Funkadelic Japan Tour!

George Clintony at
P-Funk is baaaaack!!!! After a long time without making new music of their own, George Clinton andf Paliament / Funkadelic has dropped a new album “First You Gotta Shake the Gate”, three-disc set last year.

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Special Report from Tokyo:Mama I Want To Sing Japan Tour


Mama I want to sing’s month long Japan tour is now over with a great success.
The second half of the performances took place at Amuse Theater in Ropongi, Tokyo. It was originally built for Blue Man Group which had made unprecedented 2 year long run. It’s a spacious 900 seats theater yet it has a unique intimate feeling,

First, I was impressed by the spectators who are coming through the entrance. In harlem, the majority of the audience is African American, who often charter the buses with fellow church members. However, here in Tokyo, The seats were getting filled with young families, couples, group of students and seasoned fans like me who saw them 25 years ago.

Roppongi Amuse Theater

Roppongi Amuse Theater

As always, producer and former radio DJ Vy Higginsen opened the show with her eloquent yet passionate MC.  Her DJ booth has obviously been upgraded to a two story building.The Rest of the sets you can say minimalist simplicity as Dempsy. But the lighting got distinctively whiter and crisper, created Tokyo style sophistication.

The show’s biggest star, Knoelle  Higginsen (Doris Winter) was unbelievable. Her 6 octave singing voice never lost the power and control after more than 30 performances both day and night.  She shined even more in front of adoring Tokyo audiences. Also, I was so proud of ” Harlem Teen Choir aka Gospel For Teens.”  This was their first overseas performances. It looked like they got new confidence and descipline after the long journey.

I was curious the most about the reaction by the Japanese audiences.
Harlem crowds respond to each and every move and word of the cast members. They are part of the stage performance. But how will Japanese audiences react? At the beginning, they were quiet. They must have been busy reading the subtitles. But it’s obvious that they were warming up little by little and looked like they were waiting for the right moment to erupt.

Roppongi Amuse Theater

Roppongi Amuse Theater

Finally the moment has come. After the finale, all the cast members came back on stage and the band resumed playing music again, Knoelle started shouting ” Tatte kudasai (stand up)” then ” I know there are lots of gospel singers out there! Come to the stage or we’ll come get you!”
People began swelling on stage and hugged and kissed each other. Then their classic gospel number ” This Little Light of Mine” broke out. As everyone on stage was singing and dancing, the rest standing by their seats were smiling, clapping and stomping for joy. They did it. Notoriously shy  Japanese audiences became a part of the performance just like harlem crowds.
Gods love delivered. It never changes even if the time and place changes.Mama I Want To Sing proved that. Truly an international response !


(Megumi Sato-Shelley)

ハーレム・アマチュアナイトの年間チャンピオンはジャパン対コリア!?Numbers(No:Z)&Hyo-jin Kim! Asians Dominates the Super Top Dog at The Apollo!!


Read In English

アポロ・シアターのアマチュアナイト、名前くらいは聞いたことがあるでしょう? マイケル・ジャクソンスティービー・ワンダーなど数多くのスーパースターが優勝した事で世界的に知られています。その年間グランドチャンピオンを決めるスーパー・トップ・ドッグが11/27(水)開催。今回は私も観客として参加してきました。

優勝したのは日本人ダンス・ユニット、ナンバーズ=No:Z(Numbers)! で2位につけたのは韓国人ヒューマン・ビートボックスのHyo-Jin Kimヒョウジン・キムと、なんとブラック・カルチャーの聖地での年間チャンピオンのトップをアジア人が独占。

Hyojin Kim


Two Asian performers finished 1st and 2nd place at the Apollo Amateur Night, 2013 Super Top Dog on Wednesday, November 27.

The 1st place winner Numbers is a unit of two dancers from Tokyo, Japan. Their super fun ”animation” dance captivated the spectators  completely and edged the 2nd place winner Hyo-jin Kim from Seoul, South Korea, who awed the  audience with his incredible techniques of human beatbox.


Hyojin Kim