DJ June Invades Nippon with American Super DJ Clinton Sparks!

DJ Clinton Sparks @ Genius Tokyo


DJ June Invades Nippon with American Super DJ Clinton Sparks!

Harlem2Nippon’s lovely DJ June and her friend, DJ Clinton Sparks, hit Nippon’s big club named “Genius Tokyo” on Wednesday, April 3 located in fashionable Ginza, the upscale district that looks like the Fifth Avenue of New York City.

Sparks was the featured guest DJ for “Super Star Wednesday,” a special party specifically launched for him. This was the first attempt for “Genius Tokyo” to feature a DJ from overseas. DJ June opened the show and pumped the crowd into a frenzy playing smooth R&B, edgy hip-hop and bangin’ club music. June said, “I know how to make ladies dance,” and she proved it.

Sparks is a Grammy nominated celebrity DJ from Boston, Massachusetts who has spun in several foreign cities including London, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Manila. He had never performed in Tokyo and was definitely looking forward to rockin’ the crowd with DJ June.

A rainstorm had the Genius Tokyo owner nervous about the turnout, but the attraction of two world class DJs had the club packed!

When asked how he prepared for his first party in Tokyo, Sparks said, “I got a haircut. Through June’s connection, I got 50% discount so I only paid $70.” This was a significant bargain because he usually spends $400 to $500 for haircut in London and Hollywood.

Dance Floor 3 - @ Genius Tokyo

Sparks is known for his hyper performances, and he lived up to his reputation, standing up in the DJ booth, singing, rapping and screaming with the music. His infectious energy made him an instant favorite, and the party people loved the gifts he tossed into the crowd: custom made glasses with his name on it.

In addition to producing music for Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg and many more, Sparks also released his own song as a producer/performer, “Watch You in 2012. He was overwhelmed by the crazy response when he played the tune in Genius Tokyo. “People went bananas,” he said.

After five days in Tokyo, Sparks is in love with the city. He’s looking forward to his next visit as he announced with a huge smile, “I’ll be back!”


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