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DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– March 17, 2015

ariana-grande-big-sean-zoomЗнаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

1 Blessing Remix – Big Sean f/ Drake & Kanye West

今ノリに乗ってるラッパー Big Sean。現在の彼女は Ariana Grandeちゃんだし、色々注目されてます。大人気のDrakeに加え、リミックスではKanye Westがフューチャーリングされてて、かなりビッグです。クラブでもお兄さん達にバッチリ人気でホットな曲です。

Everything is going well with Ariana Grande’s hot rapper boyfriend, Big Sean. Remix version of his “Blessings”, a collaboration with Drake featuring Kanye West is getting real big. Especially among young brothers in the club this song is blowing up!

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DJ June New York Club Chartニューヨーク・クラブチャート – August 26, 2014


1. Break Free – Ariana Grande

EDMの大人気プロデューサー Zeddがプロデュースしたんだけど、やはりArianaちゃん向けなのか、かなりポップな仕上がりです。

Super catchy dance tune from red hot Ariana produced by Zedd for EDM. The original mix is so pop. So I play a little deeper EDM remix at the clubs.

2. Bricks – Camage f/ Migos

Hip Hop大好きなお兄さん達に特に人気のあるMigosがフューチャリングされてるので、最近良くリクエストが来ます。まだブレークするのには時間がかかるかもしれない。

I get lots of requests lately because featured artist Migos is so popular. But I might take a little more time for a break.

3. Hookah – Tyga f/ Young Thug

これはHip Hopクラウドにしかうけない曲と言ってしまってもいいかも。

This is only for hip hop crowds. When I play this upon request, a few crowd get crazy but white folks look they don’t feel it at all. So I play this at the very end of the party.

Meet DJ June this week!

Tues- @ Santos Party House with Tony Touch & guest DJ Scratch

Thurs – @ Bob (235 Eldridge street) 10pm~

Fri – @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel 11pm~

Sat – @ Providence AC 10pm~

Mama I Want To Sing’s Gospel For Teens Appears@The Rockefeller Christmas 2013

Ariana Grande Stole The Show With The Aid Of Gospel For Teens!

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Reckefeller Christmas Tree

Reckefeller Christmas Tree

Today, the Rockefeller Christmas is a New York’s tourist-filled, multimillion-dollar special yearly event.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

The holiday special boasted a slew of performers. The highlight performances include Mariah Carey, performing her classic “All I want for Christmas is You”; Tony Braxton and Babyface with a duet of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”; Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson and many others.

It was, however, 20-year-old ‘Mini Mariah,’ Ariana Grande who stole the show. The singer wowed the audience with her powerful performance of her hit single “Love Is Everything” with assistance from a choir, Harlem’s own Gospel For Teens. As you may already know that some members of GFT left for Tokyo for “Mama, I Want To Sing!” Japan tour.