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Hot97 Summer Jam 2016 Lineup

Pusha T

Hot97 just announced the lineup for the hottest Hip Hop concert of the year, HOT97 Summer Jam!

Main Stadium Stage

Big SeanBig Sean, Pusha T. & G.O.O.D Music, DJ Khaled & Friends, A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg, Bryson Tiller, Young Thug, Tinashe, Kid Ink plus more to be announced!

TinasheFestival Stage

Chance The Rapper, Tory Lanez, Curren$y, Desiigner, Post Malone, Justine Skye, Dave east, Dougie F, Rotimi.
Justine Skye

WQHT HOT 97 FM, where Hip Hop lives and supreme groundbreaker in music festivals, is back with the hottest concert of the year: HOT 97 Summer Jam!  The biggest event in Hip Hop takes over MetLife Stadium on Sunday, June 5th with Stadium Stage performances by Big Sean, Pusha T. & G.O.O.D Music, DJ Khaled & Friends, A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg, Bryson Tiller, Young Thug, Tinashe, and Kid Ink, plus more to be announced.  Catch two stages of the biggest names in music, exclusive experiences including cool down stations and car show, and more at the greatest Hip Hop event in the world!


Earlier this week, Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez & Rosenberg announced the line-up for the Festival Stage, with performances by Chance the Rapper, Tory Lanez, Curren$y, Desiigner, Post Malone, Justine Skye, Dave East, Dougie F and Rotimi!  Make sure to stop by the Festival Village before the Stadium show to check-out the cooling station, car show and more.  The only way into the parking lot, the Festival Village, and both stages is with your Summer Jam ticket.

And, of course, it’s not Summer Jam without some surprise additions; you never know who will come out on that Summer Jam stage!  Don’t miss history being-made; get your tickets and head to MetLife Stadium on June 5th!

Tickets will be available at the MetLife Stadium Box Office beginning Monday, April 11th at 11:00 a.m. ET.  CLUB 97 packages, which include premium show seats, access to the VIP Patio on the 50-yard line, an unobstructed view of all Stadium Stage performances, and a full-service cash bar are available for $210.  No tickets will be sold at the stadium on the day of the event.

The HOT 97 Summer Jam Stadium Stage is made HOT by FilmOn, EXPG, McDonald’s All Day Breakfast, Nutrament and Dello Russo Laser Vision.

Pusha T

Emmis Announces International Expansion of HOT 97 Summer Jam America’s Largest Hip Hop Festival Goes Global: First Stop, Tokyo

Mar 30, 2016, 11:13 ET from Emmis Communications


Emmis объявляет о международной экспансии HOT 97 Летняя вечеринка (Summer Jam) Крупнейший Хип Хоп фестиваль Америки идет глобальный: первая остановка, Токио

hot-97-summer-jam-tokyo-1INDIANAPOLIS, March 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Emmis Communications (NASDAQ: EMMS) today announced that the world’s largest Hip Hop concert, HOT 97 Summer Jam on June 5, 2016 at MetLife Stadium, will expand internationally with the launch of HOT 97 Summer Jam Tokyo in July 2016.

Emmis has signed a multi-year license agreement with Avex Live Creative, Japan’s premiere entertainment production & management company, a division of Avex Group Holdings.  As part of this arrangement for Summer Jam Tokyo, Avex will also utilize Trevanna Entertainment, the production team behind Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium.

Now in its 23rd year, HOT 97 Summer Jam is a day-long, two-stage celebration of Hip Hop attracting more than 55,000 fans and the genre’s top names. Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and more have previously performed. The annual festival is famous for their surprise, unannounced musical guests.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
“HOT 97 Summer Jam Tokyo reinforces the global awareness and significance of the HOT 97 brand and the groundbreaking DJs who play such an important role in breaking and cultivating hip hop’s top past, present and without question future performers,” said Patrick Walsh, President, Emmis Communications. “HOT 97 has a passionate following in Japan and hip hop is experiencing enormous growth in popularity among Japanese millennials. We look forward to working with our partners to deliver an authentic HOT 97 Summer Jam experience to the growing legion of Japanese hip hop fans and share the experience with our American listeners as we promote the groundbreaking event to our audience in New York and all over the United States.  Our goal is to add another significant event to a country so rich in history and culture.”

“I feel honored that we are able to bring HOT 97 Summer Jam, one of the world’s most reputable Hip Hop events, to Japan,” comments Katsumi Kuroiwa, CEO of ALC.  “The demand for internal action has been increasing in Japan, and as we approach the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, we expect to gain even more attention from the world.  With the waves of globalization approaching from many directions and the demands for new experiences continuously increasing, the fact that HOT 97 Summer Jam, which represents New York’s Hip Hop culture like nothing else, is coming to Tokyo demonstrates how extremely treasured music festivals are and just how worldly Hip Hop is.  This partnership will bring a taste of New York right into the center of Japanese art & music.”

Summer Jam Tokyo will take place Friday, July 29, 2016 at Zepp Tokyo.  The line-up, which will include some of the hottest names in Hip Hop throughout the world including the biggest Hip Hop acts in Japan, will be announced at a later date.  For the most recent updates, including on-sale information, head to www.hot97summerjamtokyo.jp or follow Summer Jam: Tokyo on Facebook www.facebook.com/HOT97SummerJamTokyo

AK-69 ニューヨーク完全制覇!

AK-69AK-69 Live in NYC

автомата Калашникова 69

Read in English

名古屋の誇り高きヒップホップ・アーティスト、AK-69 (Кала́шников) がニューヨークのライヴ・ハウスS.O.B.’sにてコンサートを開催!



まずはHot97の若手DJが観客を盛り上げようと昔のヒップホップ・ヒット曲をかけまくります。”Money Ain’t A Thing” “Big Pimpin’” “Heart Of The City” “ROC Boys” となぜかジェイZのオンパレード。オーディエンスは20代が中心ですが、みんな古い曲も知っているようす。(アメリカではAK-69は「日本のジェイZ」と紹介されているそうです。)


日本語と英語と混じったオリジナル曲をラップ、歌詞がよくわからなくてもAK-69のラッパーとしてのswagがビシビシ伝わってきます。とにかくうまい!カッコいい!披露してくれたのは、彼のアルバム、「The Independent King」からの曲。タイトル・ソング、「インディペンデント・キング」は、自分のスタイルを守り抜くためにあえてメジャー契約を断り、インディー・レーベルを選んだAK-69のアンダー・ドッグとしてのこだわりが感じられます。「Champagne Boyz」はAK-69がフックも歌っているパーティー・ソング。この時初めて聴いたのですがかなりキャッチーでフックが耳に残ります。決めてはなんといっても「Yellow Gold」です。「ゴールド・チェーン、ギラギラ・ブリンブリン、俺たちは黄金に輝くイエロー・ゴールド……….。」誇り高きニッポン人ラッパー、AK-69みごとNYを完全制覇!


AK-69 オフィシャル・サイト




One Family, One Station, Our Voice キスFMとWBLS突如合併!

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One Family – One Station – Our Voice
キスFM とWBLS 突如合併!

ずっとライバル同士で鎬を削ってきたニューヨークのブラックFMステーション、 KISS FM と WBLS が突如合併することになりました。NYのブラック・コミュニティーと共に歩んできたこの2つのFMステーションが1つになってしまうなんて…….。




Keith Sweat

この合併によって、両局の番組を整理することになり、 WBLS FMのキース・スウェットの番組,「クワィエット・ストーム」が姿を消すことになります。このまま残るのは、 WBLS の看板番組、「スティーヴ・ハーヴィー・ショー」、キス FM の夕方のソウル・クラシック番組、「レニー・グリーン・ショー」など。

Steve Harvey

4月30日ミッドナイトよりキスは WBLSと統合され、 WBLS107.5にて放送を続けることになっています。今週末は「Farewell to Kiss FM」として30年間にわたるキスの歴史を振り返り、 周波数98.7最後の番組をお届けしています。

さようなら、キス・エフエム。Kiss fm


98.7 KISS-FM Is No More…..!New York Radio Rivals Kiss-FM and WBLS to Merge

In a stunning change for New York radio listeners, Kiss-FM and WBLS — longtime rivals in the R&B format — have become one.

This merger came as a complete surprise.

The two stations began simulcasting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, and through the weekend are scheduled to celebrate the three-decade legacy of Kiss (WRKS, 98.7 FM), a bastion of black music that has been one of the most highly rated stations in the market.

At midnight on Monday, the stations will merge on WBLS (107.5 FM), according to a joint announcement made Thursday. Shaila, Kiss’s midday personality, and its nighttime disk jockey, Lenny Green, will join WBLS.

Emmis has sold WRKS’s intellectual property to WBLS’s new parent, YMF Media.

The merger is part of a complicated shuffle involving three broadcasters. Disney obtained a long-term lease for 98.7 FM from Emmis, and will bring its ESPN sports franchise — currently at 1050 AM — to that frequency on Monday.

The companies behind WRKS and WBLS have both had financial difficulties. Emmis, burdened with debt, has sold several stations over the last year, including 101.9 FM in New York, which is now a news station, WEMP. WBLS was recently taken over by YMF after its former owner, Inner City Broadcasting, declared bankruptcy.