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R.O.K.C. Ramen comes to Harlem



An authentic ramen shop featuring oyster bar and very innovative cocktails opened in Hamilton Heights. At the corner of 141st Street and Broadway, “R.O.K.C. Ramen” has the wood framed windows and traditional printed fabric screens called Noren out front that shows the sign of the real classic Ramen-Ya yet it looks very modern and stylish.


The name R.O.K.S. stands for Ramen + Oyster + Kitchen + Cocktails, the concept of the shop. This is absolutely one of Hamilton Heights (West Harlem) best new hotspots. Oysters, Cocktails & Ramen……..? I thought it was a bit unauthentic but when I learned that the owners had both worked at the renowned East Village speakeasy, “Angel’s Share,” I felt it really made sense.

They serve no plain food. Their Edamame is infused with a touch of Yuzu! The Kyoto ramen is very good with a mix of fish broth and chicken broth. The Tokyo ramen is soy sauce flavored fish based broth topped with pork-belly, garlic oil, bamboo shoot and mizuna.

Not only is the specialty ramen spot the place to go in Hamilton Heights for soup noodles but now crafted cocktails are in the mix.

R.O.K.C. Ramen Kyoto IMG_0781

R.O.K.C. Ramen Tokyo IMG_0764

R.O.K.S. Ramen
3452 Broadway (at 141st Street)   MAP


Jin Ramen Came to Harlem USA!


Jin Ramen
3183 Broadway (at 125th Street)
New York, NY 10027  MAP
(646) 559-2862

Jin Ramen Came to Harlem USA!

Jin Ramen is located right next to the subway exit 125th Street. It has a very hip, bustling vibe, open kitchen, and friendly staff. Even chef Marcus Samuelsson’s website mentioned this place, which was impressive.

The things I liked most about this restaurant are that it brings ramen to West Harlem and that it is very reasonably priced.

-Shoyu Ramen ($10)—

Served with slices of braised pork belly, a boiled egg, bamboo shoots, roasted seaweed, and scallions.

I don’t think that the noodles or the broth are as good as those at Totto Ramen or Ippudo.  Yet I still give this place major props for opening up in Harlem.

(But if I were ever in the mood for truly excellent ramen I would go to “Tabata” near Port Authority – 540 9th Avenue at 40th Street.)