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One Family, One Station, Our Voice キスFMとWBLS突如合併!

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One Family – One Station – Our Voice
キスFM とWBLS 突如合併!

ずっとライバル同士で鎬を削ってきたニューヨークのブラックFMステーション、 KISS FM と WBLS が突如合併することになりました。NYのブラック・コミュニティーと共に歩んできたこの2つのFMステーションが1つになってしまうなんて…….。




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この合併によって、両局の番組を整理することになり、 WBLS FMのキース・スウェットの番組,「クワィエット・ストーム」が姿を消すことになります。このまま残るのは、 WBLS の看板番組、「スティーヴ・ハーヴィー・ショー」、キス FM の夕方のソウル・クラシック番組、「レニー・グリーン・ショー」など。

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4月30日ミッドナイトよりキスは WBLSと統合され、 WBLS107.5にて放送を続けることになっています。今週末は「Farewell to Kiss FM」として30年間にわたるキスの歴史を振り返り、 周波数98.7最後の番組をお届けしています。

さようなら、キス・エフエム。Kiss fm


98.7 KISS-FM Is No More…..!New York Radio Rivals Kiss-FM and WBLS to Merge

In a stunning change for New York radio listeners, Kiss-FM and WBLS — longtime rivals in the R&B format — have become one.

This merger came as a complete surprise.

The two stations began simulcasting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, and through the weekend are scheduled to celebrate the three-decade legacy of Kiss (WRKS, 98.7 FM), a bastion of black music that has been one of the most highly rated stations in the market.

At midnight on Monday, the stations will merge on WBLS (107.5 FM), according to a joint announcement made Thursday. Shaila, Kiss’s midday personality, and its nighttime disk jockey, Lenny Green, will join WBLS.

Emmis has sold WRKS’s intellectual property to WBLS’s new parent, YMF Media.

The merger is part of a complicated shuffle involving three broadcasters. Disney obtained a long-term lease for 98.7 FM from Emmis, and will bring its ESPN sports franchise — currently at 1050 AM — to that frequency on Monday.

The companies behind WRKS and WBLS have both had financial difficulties. Emmis, burdened with debt, has sold several stations over the last year, including 101.9 FM in New York, which is now a news station, WEMP. WBLS was recently taken over by YMF after its former owner, Inner City Broadcasting, declared bankruptcy.