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Harlem Haberdashery – Urban Traditional Fashion Boutique


Urban Traditional Fashion Boutique–

Harlem Haberdashery

245 Lenox Avenue
(between 122nd & 123rd Street)
New York, NY  MAP
Phone: (646) 707-0070

“I just love Harlem. I eat and sleep Harlem. It has such great flavor,” says Guy Wood, the owner of the new men’s boutique, Harlem Haberdashery. The store is operated as a family business specializing in selling upscale men’s and women’s clothing. Price range is from $20 to $1,000.

Now, after more than 20 years in the design business, Wood, who started 5001 Flavors with his wife Sharene, has opened his first retail location on Lenox Avenue and 122nd Street in Harlem where he grew up.

 The store carries designers such as Search and Rescue, who find vintage items such as jeans and suitcases and put their own spin on the items. Other new designers include Sophistifunk from New Jersey and Poetik Designs. Wood’s son, Guy Wood Jr., also has a clothing line featured at the shop called Black Billionaire.

Biggie Smalls a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.

I was inspired to walk in Harlem Haberdashery because of the huge mural of the shop’s logo outside of the store. I was greeted by a very hospitable young lady who told me that her father, who was in the clothing business for 20 years, started this store. I was very curious because I thought he must be somebody I know. It turned out that person was Wood, one half of the creative force of 5001 Flavors, the famous hip hop brand in early 90’s. I was the first person to introduce their signature logo T-shirts, jeans and jerseys in Japan. I brought one of the top hip hop dance teams from New York, the Elite Force, to Japan and dressed them with 5001 Flavor gear on stage. Young kids in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and throughout Japan fell in love with this brand new cool urban style.

Elite Force in Japan

Harlem Haberdashery opened just four months ago and quickly became a hot spot in the neighborhood with its super fashionable weekly Thursday networking party. You can just walk in. No guest list, no cover charge!

For more information about the boutique, check out their site:


Yasuko Ito

ゴードン・パークス 写真展、ショーンバーグ・センターにて開催中!Gordon Parks Photo Exhibition until December 1, 2012

Black Police Officer in Harlem


Gordon Parks 写真展、ショーンバーグ・センターにて開催中!



Ali by Gordon Parks



Gordon Parks

ゴードン・パークス展は12月1日まで開催中。月—土 10am – 6pm。無料。

@ Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox Avenue) at 135th Street MAP
New York, NY 10037-1801
Phone: (212) 491-2200

Amy Ruth’s Home Style Southern Cuisine エィミー・ルース南部のおふくろの味

Amy Ruth’s Home Style Southern Cuisine
113 West 116th Street, near Lenox Avenue
Harlem, New York 10026 MAP
(212) 280-8779


南部のソウル・フードを、ハーレムで再現! エィミー・ルース


ここのメニューにはハーレムにゆかりのある有名人の名前がついています。一番人気のあるフライド・チキンのセット$13.95 はThe President Barack Obama 、アメリカの大統領の名前がついています。もちろん、オバマ大統領もここで食事をしたことがあるからです。チキン・ウィングス $13.95 はアルバムのタイトル(Chicken ‘N’ Beer)にしてしまうほどチキン好きなラッパーのルーダクリスにちなみ The Ludacris と命名されました。

Fried Whiting Fish and Barbecue Ribs @ Amy Ruth’s

私が注文した白身魚のフライ・セット$13.95 はなぜかThe Afrika Bambatta という名前がついていました…….? 他にもサーモンのコロッケは The Kid Capri 、チキン&ワッフル$10.95 はThe Rev. Al Sharpton………。知っている人の名前もみつけました。The Guy Woods & Shay Barnett ($9.95),ガイはハーレム出身のデザイナーで、90年代に5001フレーヴァーという服のブランドで一世を風靡した人です。最近、ハーレムのレノックス・アベニューに新しいメンズ・ブティック、「ハーレム・ハバダシャリー」をオープンして地元で話題になっています。このメニューはバナナとピーカン(胡桃)がのったワッフルでシナモンがかかっています。「なぜこれにガイと奥さんシェイの名前がついているの」と聞いたところ、本人も「よくわからない」という答えでした。

Friendly wait staff @ Amy Ruth’s




Dining Room @ Amy Ruth’s


Amy Ruth, Godmother of Soul Food


Amy Ruth’s Home Style Southern Cuisine
113 West 116th Street
Harlem, New York 10026 MAP
(212) 280-8779

Amy Ruth, Godmother of Soul Food

People say Amy Ruth’s is the East Coast version of Roscoe’s. Maybe…..

Barbecue Ribs with Mac&Cheese and Collard Green @ Amy Ruth’s

Sylvia’s is Harlem’s best known soul food restaurant, but I prefer Amy Ruth’s for the food and service. It is conveniently located on 116th Street between Lenox Avenue and Seventh Avenue near the 116th street subway station (2 or 3 express). It offers delicious and well prepared homemade comfort food, nice wait staff, and no rush to leave your table. It is not enough to just eat in Harlem, you have to embrace the whole experience which usually moves a couple paces slower than the downtown restaurants.
You receive free cornbread and the dishes are all named after famous African Americans such as The President Barack Obama (fried, smothered, baked, or bar-b-q chicken-$13.95), The Rev. Al Sharpton (fried or smothered chicken and waffles-$10.95), and The Ludacris (fried chicken wings-$13.95). A waffle covered with cinnamon, bananas and pecans is named after Guy Woods, a famous urban fashion designer whom I have known for almost 20 years!

Amy Ruth’s started out as a very small soul food joint in 1998 and has expanded with an extra room next door to accommodate the Sunday church crowd and ever growing number of tourists from all over the world.

If you want to avoid the velvet rope, then definitely avoid the crammed weekend brunch hour.

Warning: Large portions – be prepared to take some food home!