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Brunch In Harlem[4] World Famous IHOP in Harlem


IHOP – Suburbs comes to New York extensive breakfast menu

“Come hungry, leave happy”

Read in Japanese

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) has more than 1,500 locations across the Americas has a wide variety of selections from pancakes, omelets and egg breakfasts to burgers, chicken and steak.

Ihop2013_3IHOP in Harlem located on 135th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd is always crowded on Sundays because a lot of people come after church. It’s not fancy but this is only decent place you can sit down and eat in this neighborhood.

Ihop2013_2It’s a great anytime is breakfast time spot. Coffee is served by the pot full. Nice! The service is slow but courteous. It’s IHOP, don’t expect too much.

2294 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. at 135th Street MAP
New York, NY 10030
Phone: 212-234 4747

Brunch In Harlem[3]Amy Ruth’s Famous Chicken and Waffles



Amy Ruth’s where you go if you want REAL soul food

NY’s best Chicken & Waffles!

You should try Amy Ruth’s famous chicken and waffles (The Rev. Al Sharpton) for branch. It comes with a generous piece of really crispy and moist fried chicken and a big waffle. The chicken combined with the flavor of 100% pure maple syrup and waffles is heavenly.

Amy Ruth’s

113 W 116th St

(between 7th Ave & St Nicholas Ave)

New York, NY 10026

(212) 280-8779

Who Invented Chicken & Waffles?

The origin of “Chicken & Waffles” is a bit sketchy and distorted, to say the least. Stories of Thomas Jefferson, the Pennsylvania Dutch and Southern slaves have all contributed to the mystery and lore of the beginnings of chicken & waffles. Although many lay claim to having invented and inspired this combination, there are some facts about the history of chicken & waffles that are undeniable.

Harlem Renaissance

First and foremost, chicken & waffles gained notoriety during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s-40’s. It was during this era that an explosion of artistic creativity was taking place. Harlem, New York became the mecca of music, visual art, dance and most genres of creative forms of expressions. Artists of all types and all walks of life were making their way to Harlem to “make it” and lay claim to their piece of the artistic world at that time.

With the Harlem music scene quickly becoming the place to be, it was not uncommon for the concerts and parties at that time to last until the late hours of the evening and early morning. It was this phenomenon that caused several restaurants in the area to stay open late to accommodate the bands and party-goers after the shows and parties.

Wells Supper Club in Harlem

One restaurant specifically, a family-owned establishment known as Wells Supper Club, began to offer late night food services. Wells was already known for its great Southern-inspired menu and had been a cornerstone of the Harlem food scene from the beginning.

Wells Supper Club offered breakfast, lunch and dinner. With dinner service typically ending around 11pm – 12 am, Wells would often have fried chicken leftover from the dinner service. Seeing an opportunity to boost sales and reduce food waste, Wells started offering a late night/early morning menu featuring their savory fried chicken paired with a deliciously sweet waffle. The combination quickly became a hit and inspired other restaurants to offer the pairing as well. Suffice it to say that THIS was the beginning of the chicken & waffles popularity that we experience to this very day.

Brunch In Harlem [2] Sunday Brunch at Harlem Tavern



Frederick Douglass Boulevard (FDB) in Harlem from 110th to 125th Street is known as restaurant row. Located on the corner of 116th Street, just blocks away from the area’s historic Central Park and Morningside Park, Harlem Tavern offers the ideal space for all events and dining experiences. The family friendly place has something for everyone, from a Kids menu to tasty cocktails and craft beers.


Harlem Tavern is a huge space, which was converted from a rusted gas station, has become a hot brunch spot in Harlem.

One beautiful Sunday we visited Harlem Tavern to try their famous brunch.

Warning! There is a line to get in!

They told us there would be 20 minutes wait and gave us a pager. In less than 20 minutes, the paper’s huge alarm went off and the wait staff seated us near back dining area.

All brunch menus are priced at reasonable $14.95 including one drink (the choice of soda, juice, coffee, bloody Mary, Mimosa, Bud Light or Yuengling draft). Cornflake Crusted French Toast seems to be very popular here as many women were ordering that dish but I’m not in the mood for sweets today so I decided to have Harlem Tavern Sliders ($11). The items on the menu are diverse, Pasta, Steak, Fish, Chicken, Burgers and Sandwiches are all on the menu.


Harlem Tavern will also have a jazz brunch open on Saturday and Sunday from 10pm to 4:00pm.


Harlem Tavern

2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd (at 116th Street)
Harlem, USA 10026 MAP
(212) 866-4500


Brunch In Harlemブランチ・イン・ハーレム[2]ハーレム・タバーン(Harlem Tavern) 新しいハーレムを体験するならここ!









ブランチメニューはすべて$14.99で、シーフード・ガンボ、, キャット・フィッシュ・ポーボーイ・サンドイッチなどハーレムらしい南部の味から、オムレツ、エッグ・ベネディクトなどニューヨークのブランチの定番など10種類以上から選べます。さらに飲み物(ジュース、ソーダ、バドワイザー、ブラディ・マリー、ミモザから選べる)もついてくるというお得感も人気の秘密のようです。まわりを見渡すと大半の女性客がコーンフレークをまぶしたフレンチ・トーストを食べていたのでここの人気メニューなのでしょう。この日はどうしても甘いものを食べる気分ではなかったので、ブランチ・メニューではないスライダーズをオーダー。豊富なメニューであらゆるニーズに対応しています。客層は人種も年齢もまちまち、リトル・ハーレムを体感できることうけあいです。カジュアルでスタッフも感じよくてマル。暖かくなってきたので外のテーブルも開放してストリート・カフェに早変わり。ピープル・ワッチングにも最適のお店です。


Harlem Tavern

301 W 116th St
(between Manhattan Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10026  MAP
(212) 866-4500