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Alicia Keys debuts “The Gospel” at Radio One’s “The Blitz” in New York City


Reported by Ken Simmons

Alicia Keys debuted a brand new song called “The Gospel” at Radio One’s “The Blitz” on August 11, 2015 at Stage 48 in New York City. Speaking to an invitation only audience of radio programmers from across the country and music industry VIPs, the 15-time Grammy Award winner said, “I’m crazy excited. It’s ridiculous… I figured I would bring my studio to y’all and we could listen to some exclusiveness.” “The Gospel” is an intense, throbbing hip-hop track addressing urban blight; a 2015 answer to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”

GB_AliciaKeysHere are the opening lyrics of “The Gospel”:

We all God’s children, products of the ghetto, Mama cooked the soup, Daddy did the yellin’

Uncle was a drunk cause it was a felon, and when he got pinched, he told them he wasn’t tellin’

Auntie was a cook, her husband was a crook, cause every job he had, they paid him off the books

Ghetto university, knowledge is all it took, in a tenement I was listening to the hook

After premiering her new song, Keys teased her upcoming CD. “I am bringing the flava of New York,” she said confidently. “We got somethin’ crazy cooking…I will take you to a place you understand. I can’t wait for you to hear it.” No word on when she will release “The Gospel” or her next album.

Radio One, which owns 55 urban radio stations, hosted the party as a showcase for artists to present new music. The list of stars performing included Ciara, Nelly, Janelle Monae with her acts Jidenna and Deep Cotton, Rita Ora, Tamia, and Jordin Sparks, plus Timbaland with his vocalist from Empire, V. Bozeman.

Ciara - EpicCiara’s spectacular six-song set was the highlight of the performances, and she gave a special shout out to her Epic Records family. As Epic CEO/Chairman L.A. Reid and Epic President Sylvia Rhone watched from a private booth, Ciara remembered how Reid launched her career thirteen years ago. “When I was 16 years old, I walked into L.A. Reid’s office,” she said. “Thank you for seeing my vision.”

Earlier in the evening, Robin Thicke briefly appeared to thank Radio One for supporting his career. Diddy also greeted the crowd as he celebrates the 20th anniversary of Bad Boy Entertainment. He commented, “I don’t take it for granted. To still be on this stage, it’s a blessing,” as the crowd roared, ‘Bad Boy…Bad Boy.’

Puff Daddy“What I do best is I provide a great platform for people,” Diddy continued. “I am a great ringmaster. I returned to Puff Daddy & The Family to introduce and support new up and coming artists, to celebrate positive energy and love.” As he looked back at his groundbreaking career, he said, “I remember the first time I heard my music on the radio. It changes your life.” Before introducing the video for his latest single, “Finna Get Loose” featuring Pharrell Williams, Diddy stated that now two decades later, his career has come full circle.

“I’m returning to the party vibe, where you’re not afraid to dance with your lady,” he announced. “I’m taking this movement across the country.”



DJ June New York Club Chartニューヨーク・クラブチャート – February 3, 2015

Lil Jon
Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

1. Snap Yo Fingers – Lil Jon

2006年リリースです。私は「Beat Street」と言う、ブルックリンにあったレコード屋の店員時代、真っ盛りの時期でした。これ ぜーったい今でも毎回かける、必須アイテムです。白人も黒人もアジア人も絶対 全員大喜びですね。ありがたい一曲です。Lil Jonは今でも エレクトロの曲で Yeah!!って良いながら、ハイプ役で大人気ですから…息長いですね!Lil Jonさん、DJとしても昔から活躍中。レゲエの大ヒット 必須アイテム、CapletonのTour リミックスがあるんですが(Slick Rickの Children’s Storyネタ) これは昔 Lil Jonがプロデュースしたもの。彼がリミックス作ったの DJでも知らない人いるかもです。

This song was released in 2006 while I was working at Beat Street, the record store in Brooklyn. This is one of my must item records and every time I play white, black Asian and all the people would scream. Lil Jon now makes electro songs and still on the top of the game! He is also a great DJ. Did you know the famous remix of “Tour” sampled Slick Rick’s Children’s Story by Capleton was produced by him? Even some djs don’t.

2.  It’s Goin Down – Yung Joc

こちらも2006年リリース。Snap…と甲乙つけがたいクランクミュージック。2曲絶対からめてかけます。これも大盛り上がり間違いなしの ありがたい曲。あれからヒットなかった Yung Jocさん、今はアメリカのリアリティー・ショー・スターになってます。でも曲は出してるのかも知れないです(笑)

Also released in 2006 and succeeded by “Snap Yo Fingers” Young Joc’s “It’s Goin Down” is the classic crunk music. Playing both songs back to back is the key to success for the dance floor. Just in case if you are wondering what happened to Joc after that one hit, don’t worry. He became a reality TV show star!

3. Ignition – R. Kelly

2003年にシングルリリースされた、もうかなり前のR. Kellyのヒット曲のひとつ。私的にはR. Kellyと言えば 1st や 2nd アルバムあたり、Bump N Grind や You Remind Me of Something…の初期の頃、そして 2002年の 同曲含む アルバム Chocolate Factory からは Step In The Name Of Love  (<– 黒人さん達がこれかけたら絶対おどってくれる)なんかが代表作って気がするんですが、なぜか 今も白人の若いお姉ちゃんたちから、しかも ダンスミュージックもかかるパーティーでリクエスト多いのが…Ignition!! なぜなのか分からないです。ヒットしたしいい曲ですが、てっきり Twerkとか Calvin Harrisとかかけて!って言ってくるのかなって構えてたら、いきなり、これを良くリクエストされる。なぜそのような若い白人のお姉ちゃん達が この曲をリクエストしてくるのかが 私にとって七不思議の一つ。バウンス系なら Jay Z – Big Pimpinとかあるのに、なんでいきなりこれなのか。しかもR. Kelly。解明したい謎です。

When you think of R. Kelly most of people think about his early hits like “Bump N Grind” from his first album, “You Remind Me of Something” from his second, or a big dance number “Step in the Name of Love” from Chocolate Factory album, but some reason young white girls on the dance floor want to hear “Ignition” from the same Chocolate Factory album. Why? I’m not saying it’s not a good song, actually it’s a great song, but why? To me it’s one of the Seven Wonders. You can dance to twerk or Calvin Harris or if you want something bouncy Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” might be your choice. Why young white chicks request “Ignition” by R. Kelly? Somebody please tell me.


DJ June This Week’s Event

Tues – Toca Tuesdays w/ Tony Touch & @ The Delancey (168 Delancey St NY) 10pm~

Thurs – @ Slate (54 W 21 street) 6pm~11pm

Thurs – @ bOb (235 Eldridge Street NY) 11pm~

Fri – @ Providence AC inside the Tropicana Hotel 11pm~

Sat – @ Providence AC10pm~


DJ June New York Club Chart – January 13, 2015

Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

1. Only One – Kanye West f/ Paul McCartney


Kanye collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney and came up with this song featuring almost acappella over simple keyboard. The song is a tribute to West’s daughter, North, and is sung from the perspective of his late mother, Dr. Donda West that touches my heart!

2.  Come Get Her – Rae Sremmurd

いやー、今大人気のRae Sremmurd。アルバムも出て、かなり評価高いです。ラップ&歌も独特の物を持ってて、若い兄弟なのにとても才能があるビッグアーティストです。この曲の他にも色々良い曲つまってます。

The brother-duo Rae Sremmurd is on top of the game. Just dropped the young and gifted duo’s first album “SremmLife” is packed with great songs.

3. The Body – Wale feat. Jeremih

Waleはお兄ちゃん達から凄く人気あります。Lyricが共感出来るから、らしいです。もっと人気あるのが、Meek Millかなぁ、Hoodなお兄ちゃん達からかなりの支持ありです。曲は R.Kellyの名曲 “You Remind Me Something”の歌詞使ってて、覚えやすいです。Kellyももう一回ヒット作って欲しいです。

Wale is definitely getting love from hip-hop heads for his convincing lyrics but I guess Meek Mill has more hype among guys in the ‘hood. I like the fact that R&B crooner Jeremih is singing the song’s hook, which is lifted from R. Kelly’s classic slow jam, “You Remind Me of Something.” We are missing Kelly!. Please give us another smooth R&B hit.

 DJ June – This Week’s Event

Tue., 1/13        @Toca Tuesdays @ Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street) w/ Tony Touch 11pm~

Thu., 1/15        @ b.O.b. (235 Eldridge Street) 10pm~

Fri., 1/16          @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel 10pm~

Sat, 1/17         @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel 11pm~



Harlem R&B Play List – November 2014/Soul Train Awards Specialソウルトレイン・アウォード記念号

1 – We Are Here – Alicia Keys

2- Till The Rope Gives Way – Joe

3- Goodnight Kisses – Charlie Wilson

4-Let Me Know – Tamar Braxton

5-It’s Your World – Jennifer Hudson feat. R. Kelly

6-No Love – August Alsina

7-New Flame – Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross

8-Love Letter – Keyshia Cole feat. Future

9-My Love – Syleena Johnson

10-Love Tonight – Calvin Richardson


Don’t miss soul train awards This sunday!

ソウルトレイン・アウォードTV放映 今週日曜日

放映時間:11/30(日) 8pm BET