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Alicia Keys debuts “The Gospel” at Radio One’s “The Blitz” in New York City


Reported by Ken Simmons

Alicia Keys debuted a brand new song called “The Gospel” at Radio One’s “The Blitz” on August 11, 2015 at Stage 48 in New York City. Speaking to an invitation only audience of radio programmers from across the country and music industry VIPs, the 15-time Grammy Award winner said, “I’m crazy excited. It’s ridiculous… I figured I would bring my studio to y’all and we could listen to some exclusiveness.” “The Gospel” is an intense, throbbing hip-hop track addressing urban blight; a 2015 answer to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”

GB_AliciaKeysHere are the opening lyrics of “The Gospel”:

We all God’s children, products of the ghetto, Mama cooked the soup, Daddy did the yellin’

Uncle was a drunk cause it was a felon, and when he got pinched, he told them he wasn’t tellin’

Auntie was a cook, her husband was a crook, cause every job he had, they paid him off the books

Ghetto university, knowledge is all it took, in a tenement I was listening to the hook

After premiering her new song, Keys teased her upcoming CD. “I am bringing the flava of New York,” she said confidently. “We got somethin’ crazy cooking…I will take you to a place you understand. I can’t wait for you to hear it.” No word on when she will release “The Gospel” or her next album.

Radio One, which owns 55 urban radio stations, hosted the party as a showcase for artists to present new music. The list of stars performing included Ciara, Nelly, Janelle Monae with her acts Jidenna and Deep Cotton, Rita Ora, Tamia, and Jordin Sparks, plus Timbaland with his vocalist from Empire, V. Bozeman.

Ciara - EpicCiara’s spectacular six-song set was the highlight of the performances, and she gave a special shout out to her Epic Records family. As Epic CEO/Chairman L.A. Reid and Epic President Sylvia Rhone watched from a private booth, Ciara remembered how Reid launched her career thirteen years ago. “When I was 16 years old, I walked into L.A. Reid’s office,” she said. “Thank you for seeing my vision.”

Earlier in the evening, Robin Thicke briefly appeared to thank Radio One for supporting his career. Diddy also greeted the crowd as he celebrates the 20th anniversary of Bad Boy Entertainment. He commented, “I don’t take it for granted. To still be on this stage, it’s a blessing,” as the crowd roared, ‘Bad Boy…Bad Boy.’

Puff Daddy“What I do best is I provide a great platform for people,” Diddy continued. “I am a great ringmaster. I returned to Puff Daddy & The Family to introduce and support new up and coming artists, to celebrate positive energy and love.” As he looked back at his groundbreaking career, he said, “I remember the first time I heard my music on the radio. It changes your life.” Before introducing the video for his latest single, “Finna Get Loose” featuring Pharrell Williams, Diddy stated that now two decades later, his career has come full circle.

“I’m returning to the party vibe, where you’re not afraid to dance with your lady,” he announced. “I’m taking this movement across the country.”


DJ June New York Club Chartニューヨーク・クラブチャート – July 21, 2015

Puff Daddy 2015Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

  1. Finna Get Loose – Puff Daddy & The Family (feat. Pharrell)

懐かしい The Neptunes サウンド。ファンキーなビートで かっこいい!!PuffyとPharrellと言えば、バスタ・ライムズの”Pass The Courvoisier” や Diddyなんかヒットしましたね。今でも “Pass The Courvoisier” はパーティーには欠かせないチューンです。今回は Diddyじゃなく Puff Daddyとして登場、アルバムもうすぐ出るみたいです。ビジネスマンであり (今ではクラブで Puffyのウォッカ Cirocはもうお馴染み) まだ現役で音楽でも活躍中..本当凄いひとです。

The Production by the Neptunes on this track, courtesy of Pharrell, is undeniably fantastic. Busta Rhymes’“Pass The Courvoisier” featuring both Pharrell and Diddy is still a club anthem today. But it’s Puff Daddy, not Diddy. The rapper/entrepreneur is returning to his former rap moniker for his new album soon to be released. Puffy is known as a great business man as his Ciroc vodka is available at every club you go. What a guy!!

  1. Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo

爽やかで 夏にピッタリくる アップテンポのR&B。ラジオでも よくかかってます。クラブでは テンポをもう少し早くした Danceリミックスで盛り上がってます。Jason Derulo なかなか根強い人気です。

This is the perfect love song for this summer. Up-tempo R&B song is on the radio all day long. I play a bit faster Dance Remix for the dance floor. Jason Derulo still has it.

  1. Freak On The Week – Krept & Konan feat. Jeremih

レゲエのクラシック Playground Riddim (Beenie Man の Who Am I が有名) にのって ノリが良くて キャッチーな Jeremihのコーラスが 良いですね。曲聞いたことない人でも レゲエのビートなら聞いた事絶対あるので 違和感なく踊ってます。これも夏ぽくて気持ちいい1曲。Krept & Konanって誰やねん?と思ったんですが イングランドのラップデュオみたいです。

UK rappers Krept & Konan spit on an old Jamaican beat Playground Riddim best remembered by Beenie Man’s “Who Am I”, this song features Jeremih’s catchy chorus. “Freak On The Week” definitely makes you wanna dance even though you don’t know the song ‘cause you can recognize the Raggae beat. Very summer-like nice tune!

DJ June 2015

DJ June This Week’s Event
Tue 7/21 @ Toca Tuesday w/Tony Touch @ The Delancey
Thu 7/23 @ Slate (54 W 21st St.) 6pm
@ Bob (235 Eldridge St.) 10pm
Fri 7/24 @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel – 11pm
Sat 7/25 @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel – 10pm