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Celebrities Born In The Year of The Rooster (2017)


U.S. Postal Service announced that the Year of the Rooster stamp is being issued as a Forever® stamp in self-adhesive souvenir sheets of 12.



The Year of the Rooster begins January 28, 2017, and ends on February 15, 2018.

 The Rooster’s Personality

People born in a year of the Rooster are very observant. Hardworking, resourceful, courageous and talented, Roosters are very confident about themselves.

Roosters are always active, amusing and popular among the crowd. Roosters are talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals. They like to be the center of attention and always appear attractive and beautiful.

Roosters are happiest when they are surrounded by others, whether at a party or just a social gathering. They enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charm at any occasion.

Roosters expect others to listen to them while they speak, and can become agitated if others don’t. Vain and boastful, Roosters like to brag about themselves and their accomplishments.

Their continually seeking the unwavering attention of others annoys people around them at times.

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Jennifer Hudson Plays Shug Avery in Broadway Revival of The Color Purple


The Color Purple’ on Broadway December 15, 2015 at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater

By Ken Simmons

Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo star in a brilliant, gospel infused revival of The Color Purple onBroadway at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater. Based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, and the 1985 film starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery, and Oprah Winfrey (one of the musical’s producers), The Color Purple musical is a powerful statement of female empowerment. Directed by Tony Award winner John Doyle, with transcendent songs by Grammy award winners Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray, the play tells the inspiring story of Celie (masterfully portrayed by Erivo who recreates her role from the London production), who overcomes decades of male abuse to find dignity, self-respect, independence, and

Celie & NettieSet in rural Georgia in 1909, 14 year-old Celie is a mother of two children who she was forced to abandon by her uncaring father. Her only joy is the love she shares with her younger sister, Nettie (portrayed by Joaquina Kalukango). When a farmer named Mister asks her father to marry younger Nettie, “Pa” offers Celie instead, who he constantly refers to as “ugly.” He convinces Mister (Isaiah Johnson) to take her, offering a cow as part of the deal. Celie is separated from her beloved sister, and is constantly verbally and physically abused by Mister, who treats her like a slave. The sisters are briefly reunited when Nettie comes to stay with Celie and Mister, however when Nettie rebuffs his sexual advances, he banishes her from their home, vowing to never let the sisters see each other again. Nettie promises to write Celie, however the cruel Mister refuses to allow Celie to see her numerous letters, causing her to believe Nettie has died.

MisterContrasting the male dominated Celie is Sofia (Danielle Brooks), a bold, strong willed woman who intimidates and physically beats Mister’s son, her husband, Harpo (Kyle Scatliffe). She shows the timid Celie is it possible to rebel against controlling, disrespectful, chauvinist men in one of the many musical highlights of the show, belting the song, “Hell No.” Henpecked Harpo opens a Juke Joint, and willingly falls for the charms of a sassy waitress named Squeak. He hires Mister’s former lover, the famed singer Shug Avery (portrayed by Hudson) to perform at his club. When Celie takes care of Shug, she experiences tenderness for the first time, and they fall in love, passionately demonstrated by their heart rendering duets, “Too Beautiful For Words,” and “What About Love?” However, Celie discovers Shug’s promiscuous nature when she brings home a new boyfriend. Yet Shug unlocks a key to Celie’s life, handing her one of the hidden letters, and Celie rejoices as she discovers that Nettie is alive. She is now a missionary in Africa and has found Celie’s long lost son and daughter.

Shug arrivesAfter Shug discovers the extent of Celie’s suffering, she decides to rescue her by moving away from the evil Mister to her home in Memphis. In an emotional pinnacle, Celie releases her years of anger and torment, defiantly confronting Mister about his brutal behavior, ultimately leaving him and placing a curse on his soul. This marks the turning point in Celie’s depressed life, symbolized by the change from the bland wardrobe worn by the entire cast in rural Georgia, to vibrant pastel colors in the Mister-free good life of Tennessee.

Harpo & SofiaThe freedom and happiness is contagious, affecting the constantly bickering Harpo and Sophia, who reconcile, performing the highly provocative tune “Any Little Thing” dripping with sexuality. While the son is in Heaven, the father is in Hell, feeling the effects of Celie’s curse, being ostracized and realizing he is universally hated. As Mister drowns in misery, Celie basks in her new glory, and discovers her talent for making pants. She transitions into a successful entrepreneur, and truly becomes independent for the first time in her life. Her estranged husband finally come to terms with his despicable life, and also makes a positive change, discovering the quality of compassion. He discovers that Nettie and Celie’s children are in Africa, and decides to help bring them home.

Miss Celie's PantsAs Mister attempts to make amends for his inhuman behavior, the two women in his life, Shug and Celie, have a showdown over their budding relationship. Shug tells Celie she wants to go on the road and have one last fling with a man before returning home in six months. Celie realizes she is no longer dependent on Shug’s love, or love from anyone else. After living a life devoid of love (with the exception of sister Nettie), she finally claims love of herself. In the play’s climatic moment, Erivo commands the stage in an unforgettable solo performance, confidently declaring, “I’m thankful for who I really am. I’m beautiful,” in the show’s showstopping song. “I’m Here.”

Celie & MisterIn the final picnic scene, Mister, a clearly changed man, proclaims his love for Celie, asking to marry her again, and have a real marriage. She politely refuses, before he provides her with the greatest gift of all. Celie is surprised by the arrival of Nettie, who greets her sister with the fulfillment of her dreams, her two children.

The original Broadway production of The Color Purple premiered December 1, 2005 and ran for over two years. LaChanze, who starred as Celie, won a Tony Award for Actress in a Musical. She was replaced by Fantasia, who won received a Theatre World Award. A decade later, the current stripped down revival, with an amazing cast, exalting message of redemption and triumph, magnificent music, and incredible voices, is destined for even greater success.

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DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– October 14, 2014

Magic! Canadian Band
Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке
1. Rude – Magic!

カナダのレゲエ・バンドMagic! この曲と共に彗星のごとく現れて大ヒットを飛ばしました。なんだかのんびりしたレゲエ・サウンドに、彼女のお父さんに、娘さんを下さいってドキドキしながらお願いしたら……君の世話には一生ならない、答えはNo! でも僕は彼女と結婚するもんね!!!っていう内容のかわいらしい、ほのぼのする歌詞です。とってもユニークな一曲。クラブではZeddのエレクトロ・リミックスが断然かっこいいです!

The debut single by Canadian reggae fusion band Magic! “Rude” became a surprise hit. Listen to the lyrics ‘can I have your daughter for the rest of my life/you say I’ll never get your blessing till the day I die……/I’m gonna marry her anyway……’ cute, isn’t it? Remix version by Electronic DJ/producer Zedd made it a club anthem. Nice!

2. Go All Night – gorgon City feat. Jennifer Hudson

わー、良いですね。凄い歌唱力のあるジェニファー・ハドソンが、こういう90’sっぽいディープ・ハウスをやるのを待ってました。かなりそこらへん、ど真ん中の感じに仕上がっていてかっこいいです。Kiesza の“Hide Away”みたいなディープ・ハウスな曲が流行っているのは嬉しい限りです。

Absolutely love this!! I’ve been waiting for J Hud to do a 90’s Deep House song like this. This is sooo Kiesza! This is great.

3. Time For Love – Chris Brown

今回はBPM105くらいのちょうど爽やかに踊れる速さのR&Bです。ドレイクの”Hold On We’re Going Home”とつなげてかけたい、私の大好き系R&B。こういう爽やか系、最近なかなかでてこないので貴重、もっと作って欲しい!

Classic Chris Brown, “Time For Love” is mixing mainstream and pop elements with Up-Tempo R&B with BPM about 105, just perfect to dance to. Makes me wanna play this and shift to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home.” This is my kind of fresh R&B!

DJ June This Week’s Event

Tue, 10/14 @ Santos Party House with Tony Touch and guest DJ Enuff
Thu, 10/16 @ Bob (235 Eldridge street) 10pm~
Fri, 10/17 @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel 11pm~
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ホリデー特別映画「ブラック・ネィティヴィティ(クリスマス・キャロル黒人版)」いよいよ公開!Holiday Movie “Black Nativity”

Read in English

Black Nativity – 2013 Holiday Film

R&Bヒップホップ・スター総出演! R&B Singer Tyreese, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Rapper Nas

フォレスト・ウィタカー、アンジェラ・バセットなどベテラン俳優のほか、ジェニファー・ハドソン、タイリース、メアリーJブライジ、ナズなどミュージシャンが出演している「ブラック・ネィティヴィティ」はこのホリデー・シーズン必見の映画です。ネィティヴィティというのは 聖書に基づいたイエス・キリスト生誕にまつわるお話で、 毎年、クリスマス・シーズンになるとTVや映画、芝居で取り上げられます。日本でも年の暮れに「忠臣蔵」がTV放映されるのと似ています。内容は全然違いますが…….。


Langston Hughes 原作

原作は、ハーレム・ルネッサンス時代を築いた有名作家/詩人のラングストン・ヒューズが1961年に書いたゴスペル・ミュージカル、「Black Nativity」で、ブラック・コミュニティの教会を舞台に、アフリカン・アメリカンたちのスピリチュアルな側面を描いています。オリジナル作品は61年にオフ・ブロードウェイで上演され、初期のアフリカン・アメリカンのミュージカルとして評判になりました。その後、ボストンのトレモント・テンプル、そして、ニューヨークのリンカーン・センターでも上演されました。総勢160人のゴスペル・シンガーたちが出演したといいますから、その迫力は想像を絶するものだったのではないでしょうか。



このサンクスギビング(11月27日)に公開される映画、「Black Nativity」は、一説によると原作にあまり忠実ではなく、曲目も芝居で歌われたものとはだいぶ違っているとのこと。ま、ハリウッドですから……..。ストーリーは、主人公のバルチモアの少年、ラングストン(17歳のR&B歌手、ジェィコブ・ラチモア)がニューヨークに住む牧師の祖父母(フォレスト・ウィタカー、アンジェラ・バセット)とクリスマスを過ごすために訪ねて来るところから始まります。ストリート育ちのラングストンは、敬虔でとても厳しい祖父とソリが合わず、バルチモアにいるシングル・マザーの母親(ジェニファー・ハドソン)のもとに帰りたいと切望します。謎のキャラクター(タイリース)が登場したり、ホームレス役でルーク・ジェームスが出演していたり、メアリーJブライジもエンジェルとして参加していたりと、かなり今風でファンキーな物語に仕上がっているようです。気になるのがラッパーのナズ。予言者、イザイアのストリート・ヴァージョンを演じているとか…….。自称「ゴッド・サン」のナズ、実はかなりの読書家で、このプロジェクトを選んだのも、原作が詩人のラングストン・ヒューズのミュージカルだからという理由だそうです。

サントラ情報Music From The Motion Picture Black Nativity (RCA Records)



1.    Be Grateful – Forest Whitaker & Jennifer Hudson

2.    Coldest Town* – Jacob Latimore

3.    Test Of Faith* – Jennifer Hudson

4.    Motherless Child – Jacob Latimore feat. Nas

5.    Hush Child (Get You Through This Silent Night) – Jennifer Hudson, Luke James, Grace Gibson & Jacob Latimore

6.    He Loves Me Still* – Angela Bassett & Jennifer Hudson

7.    Can’t Stop Praising His Name – Forest Whitaker

8.    Sweet Little Jesus Boy – Tyrese

9.    Rise Up Shepherd and Follow – Mary J. Blige & Nas

10.   Fix Me Jesus  – Jennifer Hudson

11.   Jesus On the Mainline – Forest Whitaker

12.   As – Cast

*New original song.