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August Wilson’s Jitney makes its Broadway debut



Jitney is a play in two acts by August Wilson. The eighth in his “Pittsburgh Cycle“, this play is set in a worn-down gypsy cab station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in early autumn 1977.

Jitney AUGUST WILSON'S JITNEY Broadway premiere directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson With Harvy Blanks, Anthony Chisholm, Brandon J. Dirden, André Holland, Carra Patterson, Michael Potts, Keith Randolph Smith, Ray Anthony Thomas, John Douglas Thompson

Broadway premiere directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson
With Harvy Blanks, Anthony Chisholm, Brandon J. Dirden, André Holland, Carra Patterson, Michael Potts, Keith Randolph Smith, Ray Anthony Thomas, John Douglas Thompson

Regular cabs will not travel to the Pittsburgh Hill District of the 1970s, and so the residents turn to each other. Jitney dramatizes the lives of men hustling to make a living as jitneys—unofficial, unlicensed taxi cab drivers. When the boss Becker’s son returns from prison, violence threatens to erupt. What makes this play remarkable is not the plot; Jitney is Wilson at his most real—the words these men use and the stories they tell form a true slice of life.


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Common Headlining Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival went down Saturday (July 11) at 50 Kent, New York City’s largest celebration of hip hop culture, the 11th annual event featured performance s from Common, Mobb Deep, Freeway and more. Harlem2Nippon’s guest reporter Erina covered the Fes.

Brooklyn-Hip-Hop-Fest_Simon-Abrams-e1432155062989Where Brooklyn At?

Reported by Erina

Getting closer to the venue on Kent Avenue, loud woofer sound made me high already.

Yeah, outdoor Fes for real! It’s on! New York, baby!

When I got there I saw a long ass line that appeared to be endless. I guess I have no choice but be patient. Finally my turn came and I went through a torturous mandatory body check. The security not only checked my purse and looked inside my wallet but grabbed my boobs and my ass and messed up my head band and ordered me to open my mouth! The couple before me tossed their drinks hurriedly as consuming alcohol in public is prohibited under the NY law.

The place was rather small compare to the many outdoor festivals taken place back home in Japan, but seeing the background with Manhattan’s skyscrapers I felt awesome! I’m in New York, hell yeah!!

Mobb Deep 1People are screaming for Mobb Deep. Damn, they are already on now. I thought I did my homework but the moment I saw them on stage I was brown away and forgot everything I studied about the duo. They were so cool! I couldn’t recognize any of their songs as I was totally exhilarated. The crowd went crazy over 3 particular songs that must have been their big hits. (It turned out songs they performed were “Shook Ones Pt. II,” “The Survival of the Fittest,” and “Quiet Storm.”) Watching old music videos I remember them as young teenage boys and now they so grown but Mobb Deep prove that they’ve still got it.

ProdigyNext artist coming to the state was Common, so I thought. But I guess not as came somebody I didn’t know. A few other people so called opening acts kept performing for a while. Then the stage was cleared only music was heard. Common was nowhere to be seen. We are waiting for him. We keep waiting, waiting………damn, how long do we have to wait?

The Brooklyn Hip Hop  Festival, Brooklyn NY 2015The Brooklyn Hip Hop  Festival, Brooklyn NY 2015Finally MC showed up and introduced again another guests. This time guys dressed in suits and bowties……Are they gonna rap in this ridiculous outfit? Instead they talked about Black Muslim teachings. The way they talk reminded me of Malcolm X. No wonder they sounded so much like Malcolm that they were the members of Nation of Islam.

Ok, the wait is over. The same MC finally announced the main performer, Common! Yeah! Last time I saw him was at night time but it’s still bright outside and I can see his face. He hasn’t changed.

Common at Hip Hop FesHe performed “Testify” and “Go,” from my favorite album Be then “The People,” and “The Food” that made us all sing along. His song “Get Em High” featured in Dave Chappelle’s film Block Party (2005) was my favorite.

Now, who’s gonna be today’s surprise guest?? I’ve been thinking about since yesterday. Is it Q-Tip or the Academy winning song Glory’s writer and co-performer John Legend……?

Foxy Brown + CommonWhen he brought a female rapper the sound of frenzied screaming rippled through the audience. Who the hell is that…….? Lil’ Kim……? No, that’s not her. Who could that be?

As the sun set and the Manhattan skyline began to flicker to life across the river, the last strains of Common’s Grammy-winning single “Glory” faded away as he raised a clenched fist to the sky.

His finale was electrifying! So Beautiful. Thank you, Common!

On the way home, me and my friend were still discussing who the evening’s surprise guest was. My friend insisted that was Lil’ Kim and I said she’s not. We checked iPhone and saw Foxy Brown’s name tags on Instagram. OMG. Really? Brooklyn native emcee Foxy Brown? I can’t believe it. Was that the big sister Foxy Brown featured in “Luire” when I was in high school? I wish knew (not that I know any of her songs.)

foxy-brown(Foxy Brown made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival to perform “Ain’t No N***” and “Oh Yeah” with Common.)


Common brings “Glory” to Harlem



By Ken Simmons

Academ y Award and Oscar winning entertainer Common performed a moving and revealing autobiographical concert spanning his entire 23 year music and acting career May 6, 2015 at Madiba Harlem MIST.

Common with Oscar

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DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– April 8, 2014

John Legend

John Legend

Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке
1. All Of Me – John Legend

John Legendがダンスミュージック….. 。 しかも凄くいけてます!今、クラブでもラジオでもヘビーローテーションです。数あるリッミクスの中から、私はTiestoのリミックスをかけてます。

John Legend’s soulful rendition of “All Of Me” turned into elector dance music…….! With radio stations finally catching on, dance version of “All Of Me” is being heavily played at clubs. My favorite remix is by Tiesto. Better than the original……..?