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NYC students can get free tickets to ‘Selma’


selma-movieThe offer applies at Regal Cinemas across the five boroughs, and students must present a school ID, report card, class schedule or other paperwork to get tickets to the movie portraying Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1965 battle for voting rights.

david-oyelowo-s-martin-luther-king-jr-leads-civil-rights-march-in-selmaThe film chronicles the strategic moves Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (played by English actor David Oyelowo) and his team of lawyers, activists, community leaders and protesters made in order to get the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed and thus change American history.

SELMANew York City students can score free tickets to the Golden Globe-nominated “Selma,” provided they present proof at the box office that they’re in school. The offer, which applies to Regal Cinemas across the five boroughs, requires students show a report card, school ID, classroom schedule or other paperwork. The offer runs through Jan. 19 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).

オバマ再選記念フリーチケット・プレゼント!COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS TO THE BARACK OBAMA RE-ELECTION PERFORMANCES!- Mama I Want To Sing/Sing Harlem Sing-Sat.Nov10

Mama Foundationではオバマ大統領の再選を祝って、明日土曜日のSing Harlem SingとMama I Want to Singの公演のフリーチケットをプレゼント中!


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