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カルバン・ハリス新曲~DJ June NY Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– November 26, 2013

1          Under Control – Calvin Harris & Alesso feat. Hurts

昨年と今年大活躍したカルヴァン・ハリスの新曲です。 爽やかな男性ボーカルが生える(まだ大ブレークとまでは行かないけど)クラブ映えするとってもノリのいい曲です。 残念ながら、昨日のアメリカン・ミュージック・アワードでは、惜しくも Avicii にエレクトロ部門の賞を奪われてしまいましたが…….。 Avicii の “Wake Me Up” という曲はクラブで今でも圧倒的人気ですから…….。

The king of EDM, Calvin Harris’s new electro-pop song “Under Control” featuring the vocal of Hurts’ Theo Hutchcraft is not a full-blown major hit yet but a perfect club banger. At American Music Awards, unfortunately Avicii took the Electronic Dance Music award over Calvin Harris as Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” still dominates the dance floor across the world.

2          Timber – Kesha & Pitbull

ずっと二人で全米、海外をツアーをしているので息もピッタリ。日本にも行ってTVに出たと聞きました。見たかったなぁ。何ヶ月か前に二人のツアーがアトランティック・シティーにも来て、友達がバックDJをしていたので、観ることができました。ラッキー!最初に Kesha のコンサートで次に Pitbull のコンサートという2部仕立て、でも覚えているのは Kesha のギタリストがちょーかっこ良かった…..ほとんどそれのみ(笑) 。

Kesha and Pitbull have been on tour nationwide and worldwide and their chemistry is real great. I heard they even went to Japan and appeared on TV shows. I wish I could have watched it. A few months ago, I was so lucky to experience their show when they came to Atlantic City. My fellow DJ friend who was playing at their concert invited me to see the show. Kesha performed the first part then Pitbull did his thing for the second part but all I could remember was how cute Kesha’s guitarist was.

3          Walking On Air – Katy Perry

少しフリー・スタイル風(ラテン系イタリアン系の人達から発生した、 80年代中頃に流行したダンスミュージック)で、懐かしい曲調。Katy Perryちゃんは、今、大人気のRoarの様なアイドル的ポップ・ソングから、この曲の様なちょっとハードな感じも歌いこなせる可愛いだけじゃない実力派。そうでないとアメリカでスーパー・スターにはなれないのだ。

The track “Walking On Air” is an early 90s-inspired deep house-Eurodance-disco song. Katy Perry not only sings power pop songs like “Roar” but also can sing a classic disco rager like this one.  She’s not just a pretty face. Her versatile vocal ability makes her a real super star in America!

DJ June This Week’s Events:DJジューン今週のギグ

Tue., Nov. 26                       Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch,
Guest DJ Eric Sermon (EPMD) Eric’s Birthday Party

Thu., Nov. 28                        10pm @ Bob – 235 Eldridge Street

Fri., Nov. 29                          Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., Nov. 30                          Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

DJ June Club Chart – May 7, 2013

DJ June Club Chart – May 7, 2013

1         Crazy Kids – Kesha feat. Will.I.Am




Kesha’s new song “Crazy Kids” starts out with mellow acoustic guitar. She asks, “Are you dancing on the dance floor……./Tonight we do it big.” This is the perfect party banger!

2         Rich As F#ck – Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz


Love the beat. 2 cool MCs talking about being rich as f#ck…….2 Chainz hooks are great!

3         Show Me Love – Robin S


All kinds of people, black and white react to this big dance song in 90’s just hearing the great intro. I love this song but can’t figure out why people still go nuts after so many years……!

DJ June This Week’s Events

DJ June - April 2013 by Hachi

Tue., May 7                  5:30pm After Work Party @ Hudson Bond –  215 W. 40th St.

10pm Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch


Thur., May 9          10pm @ Bob – 235 Eldridge St., NYC

Fri., May 10                  Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., May 11           Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City