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Live at Ginny’s Supper Club, Bobbi Humphrey40周年記念ライヴ


Live at Ginny’s Supper Club


「フルートの女王」、ボビ・ハンフリーが「ジニーズ・サパークラブ」にてライヴを開催しました。1972年のブルーノート・レコーズよりデビュー・アルバムを出して今年で40年を迎えた記念ライヴだそうです。「Bobbi Humphrey 40th Anniversary」とかかれたケーキが用意され、親しい仲間やハーレムの住人、ファンたちがお祝いにかけつけてくれました。

最初のセットは8時、予定通りに始まりました。彼女のヒット曲、”Chicago Damn” の他、ファンの人たちが大好きな“Harlem River Drive” はもちろん、ライオネル・リッチーの“Hello”をカバーしてくれたりと大サービス。「40周年おめでとう」のケーキをプレゼントされて涙ぐんだり、昔からの友人たちに囲まれてとても幸せそうなボビ、私たちみんなも感動しました。お陰さまで8時のショーも2回目の10時半のショーもソールド・アウトの大盛況でした。



Bobbi Humphrey “First Lady of the Flute” Performing Live

“Passion Flute” album jacket


“First Lady of the Flute”
Bobbi Humphrey Performing Live at Ginny’s Supper Club

Bobbi Humphrey has been named “First Lady of the Flute” by the critics and listeners alike and, from the accomplishments in her musical career, deservedly so. For three decades now, Bobbi Humphrey has been playing her special brand of music to audiences around the world.

Humphrey’s professional career began in 1971 when she was the first female signed to Blue Note Records. Certainly a lady playing a flute must have seemed something of a novelty then. Humphrey proved, however, she was not just a first or novelty, but a talent to be reckoned with. For in 1973, her LP, Blacks and Blues was not only a huge commercial success, but established a strong crossover market for her. Also, in 1973, she was invited to the prestigious Montreux International Music Festival in Switzerland where Leonard Feather, noted critic of the Los Angeles Times, acclaimed her the surprise hit of the festival. Since then Humphrey has continuously proved her sustaining power, for today she is the only successful female urban-pop flutist on the scene. Further proof is the fact that she was acclaimed Best Female Instrumentalist (1976 and 1978 to both Billboard and Record World, and Best Female Vocalist in Cashbox.) This is certainly a milestone for any instrumentalist.

Bobbi Humphrey

Born in Marlin, Texas and raised in Dallas, Humphrey’s training on flute began in high school and continued through her years at Texas Southern University and Southern Methodist University. It was there that Dizzy Gillespie spotted her when he served as a judge in a school-wide competition. With Gillespie encouraging her to pursue a career in New York City, Humphrey wrote a letter to New York’s famed Apollo Theatre and received a telegram soon afterwards telling her, “We have reserved a spot for you on Amateur Night.” She didn’t take further convincing, nor did she have trouble finding her spot in the music industry. The title of one of her Epic LPs, “The Good Life”, best describes her career.

Humphrey has played with the best, ranging from Duke Ellington (her third day in New York) to Lee Morgan to Stevie Wonder (featured on Songs In The Key of Life LP in 1977). Between 1971 and 1976, Bobbi recorded six albums for Blue Note Records. In 1974, she recorded the successful Satin Doll LP. 1977 was another big year for Humphrey. For the third consecutive year she was voted Best Flutist in Ebony Magazine Readers Poll. She was signed to Epic Records and released Freestyle in ‘78, followed by The Good Life in ‘78. Whether it is from the stage of Carnegie Hall or an intimate jazz room in Europe or Atlanta, live performance remains her first love.

Saturday, August 11 – 8pm & 10:30pm
Address: Ginny’s Supper Club 310 Lenox Avenue at 126th Street, NYC
(212) 792-9001

Price: $25

For more information call Ginny’s Supper Club at (212) 421-3821.