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The King of Lover’s Rock, Maxi Priest is releasing a new album


Priest’s musical career began with him singing on the South London reggae soundsystem Saxon Studio International. He released his first major album ‘Maxi Priest’ in 1988. “Close To You” became American Billboard number one in 1990 making him one of only two British reggae acts (along with UB40) to achieve that status. He has worked with Shaggy, Beres Hammond, Shabba Ranks and many other big artists.

Maxi Priest Album Release Party was hosted by Pat McKay famous for her Caribbean program on SiriusXM called “The Joint” and sponsored by reggae music powerhouse VP Records and the Jamaica Tourist Board.

2 hours after scheduled time Maxi Priest finally made his appearance. “I want to give thanks to God and all the West Indians out there,” Priest greeted. “Tonight is a musical experience. We own this culture and we have to bring it together and keep it together,” he said and gave a preview of his latest album, “Easy To Love.” He revealed the new album features music legends Sly and Robbie and a duet with Beres Hammond.

Later in the event singer/actor Leon came by interacting with Priest before posing for pictures with guests.

Easy to Love will be released in early June and Priest will schedule to perform at BB King’s Club in Manhattan on Wednesday, June 11 and will make a guest appearance at Jamaican Jerk Festival in Roy Wilkins Park, Queens on Sunday, July 20


Harlem Summer Stage

Denroy Morgan

Denroy Morgan

Read in Japanese

Thursday, August 22, 2013

5:00pm – 8:00pm

Harlem Summer Stage

163 West 125th Street (Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.)

(212) 961-4390

Denroy Morgan

Celebrate with Harlem World Magazine at the kick-off for its 10-year anniversary celebration at the Summer Stage in Harlem 2013 on August 22 ( 5pm – 8 pm) at the Harlem State Office building (corner of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd ).  This event is one of the first events celebrating Harlem World Magazine’s10th anniversary this year. Attend and see the great performances, including Denroy Morgan.

Denroy Morgan is a famous Jamaican reggae artist born in Jamaica and traveled to the United States to become a musician in 1965. He was part of the formation of the Black Eagles, a New York reggae band, before launching a prosperous solo career in the 1980s onwards. His children encouraged by his success have also took on musical careers themselves including Laza Morgan, Gramps Morgan, and in family band LMS and Morgan Heritage.

ダンシン’ ダグの「踊る旅行会社」 Dancin’ Doug Travel – It’s a Love Thang!!

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踊るダグラス旅行会社……….?変った名前の旅行社を紹介しましょう。 ハーレムは155丁目出身、ちょっとやんちゃな黒人少年ダグラス・コロンは80年代に一世を風靡した新しいカルチャー、ヒップホップにどっぷり浸かり、ブレイク・ダンスにはまってしまいました。当時頭角を現して来た地元のダンス・チーム、「Bボーイ・ブレイク・ダンサーズ」の一員として活躍、その時についたニック・ネームがダンシン・ダグでした。

Dancin’ Doug

その後、ハーレムで暴れすぎてトラブルに巻き込まれ窮地に陥ったことも…….。こんなことじゃいけない、「心を入れ替えて正しい人生を歩もう!」そう決心してダグラスはロング・アイランドにある大学に入学、犯罪学を専攻し、卒業後はFBI エージェントとして命を張って社会に貢献する道を選んだのでした。

え?それとこの踊るダグラス旅行会社と何の関係があるの……..。おおありなのです。FBI エージェントという仕事は容疑者を追い掛けて全米をかけめぐるらしいのです。ダグもその例に洩れず、あちこち出張させられました。旅行が大好きなダグ、バケーションもちゃんととります。それも、年に4回も……..。アメリカ国内はもちろん、カリブの島々、そしてアフリカなど各国をまわっているうちにすっかり旅のエキスパートになっていました。セント・ルシアのビーチに寝そべって空を見ている時にふと浮かびました。「仕事の合間にバケーションするんじゃなくて、バケーションを仕事にしてしまったほうがいいのでは…….。」


FBI のほうは早期引退ということで辞表を提出、さっそく資格を取り旅行業に専念することを決め、2007年の8月、自分の会社、ダンシン・ダグ・トラベル・エージェンシー(DDT)を立ち上げました。持ち前の明るい性格と面倒見のよさでパーティー中心のツアーを企画して大当たり、DDTは昨年2011年までに会員数1,400を誇るジャンボ・ファミリーへと成長しました。エレガントな仮装マスカレード、「パイレーツ・オブ・ザ・カリビアン」といった楽しいテーマのパーティーを催し、参加者はみんなお友達になってしまうそう。アフリカン・アメリカンの仲間たちが作るDDTの旅は音楽いっぱい、ファンキーな体験ができると大好評です。

Ocho Rios Beach

今年のお薦めツアーはジャマイカのオチョ・リオス・ツアー(Summer Madness 2012)だそうです。レゲエ好きにぴったり。DJが3人、交替で毎晩パーティーを盛り上げるほか、ダンスの講習会や楽しいゲームが満載!日本の方の参加も大歓迎だそうです。この機会にアフリカン・アメリカンのお友達をふやしませんか。貯金がなくて旅行なんかぜったいムリ…….、という方はLayaway Plan (分割制度)をご利用下さい。詳細はDDTのウェブサイトにてチェックしてみて下さい。

Map of Jamaica



Dancin Doug Travel Agency – It’s a Love Thang!!

Colon), one of the Original “B-Boy” Break Dancers from the start of Hip Hop and the Kool Herc Dancin’ Doug Travel (DDT) was founded in November of 2006 by “Dancin’ Doug” (Douglas era of Harlem and the Bronx.

Douglas eventually became a Law Enforcement Executive (Special Agent-in-Charge for the Office of Labor Racketeering) with the U.S. Federal Government. He traveled often for work (some say too often) but still managed to take four vacations a year. One day while laying on a beach in St. Lucia, he decided that he would stop working to take vacations and would instead make his vacations work for him.

He initially joined the Your Travel Business Travel Network and became a Referring Travel Agent (RTA). After working hard booking hotel, car and airline reservations plus all inclusive travel vacations for friends and family, and not seeing much profit, he left them in August of 2007, incorporated Dancin’ Doug Travel Agency and became an Independent affiliated Host Travel Agency for Nexion Travel of Southlake Texas.

To date, Dancin Doug Travel has grown from a travel group of 70 members in 2007 to a Full Service Travel Agency of over 50 trained Travel Agents and a Travel Family of over 1,400 members in 2011. The sky is truly the limit!

Jamaican Flag

Dancin’ Doug Travel specializes in hosting “Travel Parties”, whether on land or sea, with an exclusive Travel Family that just keeps growing! They offer fun games, a Sunday sermon on the beach and theme parties like Elegant Masquerade Ball, Toga Party, “Pirates of the Caribbean” Night and “All White” Affair. They also provide professional dance instructors and visit All Inclusive Travel venues around the world. Everyone has a great time and many new life-long friendships are formed.

Dancin’ Doug Travel welcomes the “Good People” that travel with them, It’s a Love Thang!!

Please visit DDT website for their upcoming events.