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Chuck Jackson In The House!! The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Mama I Want To Sing #2

 Chuck Jackson3


The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Mama I Want To Sing – Part 2 – Chuck Jackson

“Any Day Now” fame, Chuck Jackson was in the house!

To fans of genuine rhythm and blues music, the name Chuck Jackson needs no introduction. His soaring baritone transformed such songs as “Any Day Now” and “I Don’t Want to Cry” into international chartbusters whose soulful declarations have transcended the test of time. When I spotted Mr. Jackson at the “Mama, I Want To Sing” 30th Anniversary Gala, I couldn’t resist asking him a few questions.

H2N:                  Hello Mr. Chuck Jackson. How are you? We are happy to see you.

Chuck:               Thank you.

H2N:                  Where is your base?

Chuck:                Well, I’m all over the place. I just returned from Detroit where I performed a few shows.

Chuck Jackson

Chuck Jackson

H2N:                  Currently you are in New York. Did you see “Motown The Musical”?

Chuck:                No, not yet. I believe it opens in April. It is only in previews right now. I spoke with Smokey Robinson on the phone last night. He told me he would invite me to the show. Yes, I will see it soon.

H2N:                  The first time I saw your show was at Sweetwaters around the mid 80’s and Mike Tyson was in the audience waiting for his fiancée at the time, Robin Givens. Do you remember that show?

Chuck:                Yes, as a matter of fact, I was just thinking about that. She became a big actress after that. I did many shows at Sweetwaters. The club is gone now.

H2N:                  We are so glad that you are still around. Can we expect new music from you anytime soon?

Chuck:                 Yes! I’m working on my new album. It’s funny that this time I’m signed to the first label I was signed to. Smokey Robinson wrote a song for me for this album and I’m also working with Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and many others.

H2N:                  Sounds great! Does that mean that you are going to give us the classic Chuck Jackson album?


Chuck:                Yeah, the record company told me to be myself. They want me to sound like me. I’m very excited!

H2N:                  We can’t wait! Will you be touring to Japan soon?

Chuck:                Yes, as a matter of a fact I think we got an offer but I don’t know exactly when. I know I have many fans in Japan and I’d love to go over there and do shows.

H2N:     Thank you.