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Rick Ro$$’s New Album, “Mastermind” Listening Party in New York

Rick Ross MASTERMIND Evite[1]

Rick Ro$$ hosted a Mastermind album listening party at Manhattan’s New World Stages last night (Feb. 11)

Mastermind is the upcoming sixth studio album by Rick Ross, set to be released on March 4. The album features guest appearances from Jay-Z, Jeezy, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne and Scarface.

The event on Tusday was a star-studded affair, with Ross and Meek Mill, as well as DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Mack Wilds, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri and other music industry heavyweights.

Ross made a business deal with P. Diddy’s fashionable Ciroc Vodka last year and to show his role as an ambassador for the brand Ciroc cocktails serviced at the party throughout the night.

The listening session started out of the intro, then launches into “Rich Is Gangsta,” a power-track. “Drug Dealer’s Dream” depicts the street life. P. Diddy produced “Nobody” is inspired by the Notorious B.I.G.,’s 1997 track “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You). The gospel-laced track “Sanctified” features Big Sean and Kanye West if definitely one of musical highlights as well as remarkable “Thug Cry” with helps with Lil Wayne. The album’s deluxe edition includes a bonus track “Blessing in Disguise” that features Houston rap legends Scarface.


Chapter V By Trey Songz ヴァージニアの王子様

Trey Songz - Chapter V

Chapter V By Trey Songz ヴァージニアの王子様



Chapter V - Trey Songz


アイドル御三家 Chris Brown, Bow Wow & Trey Songz

ヒップホップ/R&Bアーティストの登竜門と言われている人気TV番組、 BET 「106 & Park」によく出演するアーティストのなかでもクリス・ブラウン、バウワウ、トレイ・ソングズは「アイドルの御三家」と視聴者から絶大な支持を誇っています。ダントツで売れているのはクリス・ブラウン、真似とはいえ、マイケル・ジャクソン並みのダンスが踊れるエンターティナーは、アメリカ広しといえどCB以外にはいないのではないでしょうか。トレイ・チームとしては、CBとの人気の差がどうも納得いかない様子。「トレイの実力だったらもっと売れてもいいはず。」とケヴィン・ライルズはこのアルバムに大きな期待を賭けているようです。トレイ自身も目標を「マーヴィン・ゲイのようなソウル・シンガーになること。」と明確に打ち出しています。


1. “Heart Attack” – ファースト・シングルの「ハート・アタック」。 試聴はここをクリック

2.         “Two Reasons “ – 「クラブに行く理由はふたつ。酒とビッチ。」トレイ様本人のお言葉です。

3. “Dive In” – お馴染みプロデューサー、トロイ・テイラーとのコラボ曲。ダイヴ・インというのは浴槽でお遊び、という意味でしょうか。トレイ得意のセクシー・プレイ。水しぶきの音が聞こえてきます…….。

4. “Without A Woman” – シングル・マザーで育ったトレイにとって「女性は神様」、「男は女なしには生きられない」のです。そんなトレイ本音を歌ったのがこの曲です。

5. “Ladies Go Wild” – 珍しくユーロ・ポップなサウンドです。トレイにとっては冒険といえる1曲。トロイ・テイラー&–Teetimus Da Producerとの共作。

6. “Simply Amazing” – トレイのお気に入りの曲。大人の女性に受けそう。ラジオ・ヒット間違いなし。



Chapter V by Trey Songz, the Prince of Virginia

Trey Songz


Last month, during his promotional visit to NYC Trey Songz rented a room at Jungle City Studios and invited a few members of the press in to preview some select tracks from his forthcoming anticipated album Chapter V.

Upon arrival, attendees were greeting by a row of vixens in black Chaper V tees, matching tights, and pumps serving Grey Goose cocktails.

He says he’s about 30 tracks into his forthcoming fifth album, Chapter V, the follow-up to 2010’s smash hit Passion, Pain and Pleasure.

“I’m excited as hell to hear them loud,” Trey said before queuing up the six songs that he’s almost positive will make the final cut of the album, which is tentatively set to drop in August.

1. “Heart Attack” – First Single Click here to listen http://www.thisisrnb.com/2012/03/trey-songz-looks-to-share-his-heartache-on-new-single/

2.         “Two Reasons “I go to the club for two reasons, the bitches and the drinks.”Trey said.

3. “Dive In” –Trey wrote and produced with frequent collaborator Troy Taylor. Trey croons about how he loves “swimming in your body.” This one is nasty.

4. “Without A Woman” – A very special song for Trey. “A man can’t be a man without a woman,” Trey was raised by his mother alone and always gives strong women all his love.

5. “Ladies Go Wild” –. “It’s a little different for me,” he conceded of the Euro-pop track, which he put together with Troy Taylor and Teetimus Da Producer.

6. “Simply Amazing” – This mid-tempo cut is likely score big on adult contemporary stations.