Joe Live in Harlem


Joe performed a free show at the Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem last Tuesday in association with WBLS.

Our harlem2nippon team was entering on 124th and 5th Avenue and heading straight in to the available seats. To our surprise, despite the stormy weather, a lot of people showed up  at the outdoor theater in the park with umbrellas.  I guess Joe was worth sitting on a wet bench for and some rain.

Joe is The Man….I’ve been following his career since 1993 a performer to the fullest.  Over the course of 20 year of his career he has released 11 albums.

Dressed in white summer suite and a hat fashionable Joe entered on stage and opened his show with ”Stutter,” one of his hits from his 3rd album, “My Name Is Joe,” followed by “Don’t Wanna Be A Player” later bacame a hip-hop anthem with late Big Pun featured on remix.

He performed “Ride With U,” “All That I Am,” and all songs we loved. He is very engaging and his vocals were outstanding. He really showed us what good R&B music is about.

Joe’s cover version of the signature song by Frankie Beverly and the Maze, “Before I Let Go” was truly one of the highlights of the show.

He wound up jumping off stage and spent the last half of his performance in the middle of the audience. He sang “I Wanna Know,” “All The Things”, “ What If A Woman”, “Doubleback” and encouraged us to sing along with him. You could tell, he really appreciates his fans.The show was amazing. Joe sang his heart out and was extremely personable with fans.

He is one of the few artist that is so humble – love him….

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