Jado Sushi in Harlem – Not A Wrong Way

Jado Sushi


Jado Sushi in Harlem – Not A Wrong Way

Jado Sushi
2118 Frederick Douglass Blvd, NYC 10026
(bet. 114th St. and 115th St.)
(212) 866-2118

Jado Sushi, the new sushi restaurant on Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 114th and 115th Street, opened earlier this year in Harlem and has quickly become one of the most popular eateries in the neighborhood.

The name Jado is ironic because it means “A Wrong Way” in Japanese.  Jado Sushi is not jado (wrong way) at all and is the new place for authentic sushi lovers.

The restaurant offers a great selection of beer, sake, wine and mixed drinks. In addition to the very popular Japanese beer, Sapporo, you can also choose Orion from Okinawa Island, and local beers from near my hometown, Saitama. You can’t get any more authentic than that! The wine list is also very impressive, which is not surprising considering that the owner, Nobu-san, also owns “The Winery” down the street.


Three chefs working behind the sushi bar, all of them from Japan, make (nigiru) great sushi, sashimi, and a variety of fish. Everything is very fresh. One remarkable thing about Jado Sushi is that it serves California rolls stuffed with real crabmeat instead of processed, imitation seafood often found in sushi restaurants in America.

Jado Sushi is a most welcome addition to Harlem’s restaurant row. It is extremely busy on the weekends so reservations are highly recommended.

If dining out is not an option, Jado Sushi offers delivery service. Check out the special delivery menu on the website for more details.


Jado Chicken

Jado Chicken

We will feature a special interview with the owner of Jado Sushi, Nobu-san, on Harlem2Nippon.com soon. Don’t miss it!

(Yasuko Ito)


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