Pittsburgh-native, Tokyo-based Enka superstar JERO made his New York debut at Japan Society



Pittsburgh-native, Tokyo-based Enka superstar JERO made his New York debut at Japan Society!

Jero (Jerome Charles White, Jr.) made his New York City convert debut on Saturday June 9th before a sold-out audience at Japan Society in Manhattan. He the first African-American Enka singer in Japan’s history, having been inspired into the genre by his Japanese grandmother. It has been said Jero has single-handedly reignited Japan’s interest in this traditional post-war music style known as Enka.

Jero appeared on stage wearing a blue suit featuring shiny white labels that reminded me of the lavish costumes worn by one of his favorite artists, the late American soul star Luther Vandross. He peerformed his own original songs as well as Enka classics made popular by  Misora Hibari and Itsuki Hiroshi among others.

Following the concert, fans enjoyed a rare meet-and-greet opportunity with Jero as he shook hands and autographed CDs. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to The Japan Earthquake Relief Fund established by Japan Society in the wake of 3/11.

Set List

Ymiyuki (Ocean Snow)

Hisame (Freezing Rain)

Yukiguni (Snow Country)

Echigo Jishi no Uta (Echigo Jishi’s Song)

Hare Butai (The Biggest Moment)

Yozora (Night Sky)

Mtteiru Onna (The Waiting Lady)

Yoake no Kaze (Dawn Wind)


Sukiyaki Song

 – Stay tuned for JERO’s exclusive interview by Harlem2Nippon!!

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