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Chris Tucker is Baaack!! Two Sold Out Shows at Harlem’s Apollo Theater


Chris Tucker on stage


Chris Tucker is Baaack!! Two Sold Out Shows at Harlems Apollo Theater

When Chris Tucker wrapped up his sold out “Guess Who’s Back” Tour at Harlem’s Apollo Theater on December 13th and 14th, it was a homecoming for the actor/comedian who performed at the Apollo’s Amateur Night at the beginning of this career.

Tucker recalled that first night: “I found out the crowd was really hard, so you have to be really good, and you have to really connect with them right away, or you’re in trouble.” Tucker was at the top of his game and had the crowd roaring from his opening words. This was a night the infamous “Executioner” was not waiting in the wings to sweep him off stage.

The show kicked off with two warm up comics: newcomer London Brown and  Def Comedy Jam’s Terry Hodges. Brown proved he belonged on stage with the veterans with his impressions of Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, and even Tucker.

Tucker hit the stage dancing to James Brown’s funky “Pay Back” as he greeted his fans. Most of his material focused on finance, and in his case, owing money. Five years ago he was the highest paid actor earning $25 million for “Rush Hour 3.” Since then, he spent and lost his entire fortune, and due to unpaid taxes, his net worth is negative $11.5 million.

“The IRS doesn’t play,” said Tucker, who blamed his business manager for his problems. “She didn’t pay my taxes, but she paid her own. It’s the last time I’ll let Wesley Snipes help me with taxes, talking ’bout we don’t have to pay taxes. He said he’s a super hero he doesn’t pay tax. Can’t trust nobody.” Snipes is now serving three year sentence for three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns.

Tucker recalled when he talked to Chan about his dilemma, his “Rush Hour” co-star responded, “Chris, you broke. Your whole country broke.”

Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan

Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1971, Tucker built his reputation appearing on “Def Comedy Jam” and appearing in the mid-90s in “House Party 3″, “Friday”, and “The Fifth Element.” His star rocketed to the stratosphere in 1998, co-starring with Jackie Chan in Brett Ratner’s “Rush Hour.” After the film’s massive success, Tucker demanded and received $20 million to appear in the sequel. He then negotiated a $40 million, two-movie contract with New Line Cinema of which $25 million would be for “Rush Hour 3.”

Ice Cube & Chris Tucker in Friday

Ice Cube & Chris Tucker in Friday

Tucker’s breakthrough role was Smokey in 1995’s “Friday,” and he joked he was paid in “CDs and weed.” He blamed Ice Cube, stating, “He’s a rapper. He didn’t know what’s he was doing.” Tucker says he pleaded with fans to stop referring to him as Smokey in public. “Don’t call me Smokey no more, it was a character and I was just a good actor.”

The blockbuster “Rush Hour” films soon followed, immediately vaulting Tucker to Hollywood’s A-list.  He and Michael Jackson formed a mutual admiration society, and their close friendship led to Tucker starring in Jackson’s “You Rock My World” video playing the King of Pop’s partner in crime.

“Michael invited me to his Neverland,” Tucker fondly remembered. “I was sitting by the window and saw two giraffes are looking at me and I said, ‘Michael, what these two giraffes are doing there?’ and he said, ‘there’s three, you wanna meet them?’ That’s crazy.” He also revealed that Michael changed his name to ‘Christmas.’ “When I was talking to Michael on the phone, he started calling me Christmas. He said, ‘It sounds nice, Christmas. Don’t you think?’ So now my name is officially changed to Christmas Tucker.”

Chris “Christmas” Tucker has definitely made a comeback with his return to standup comedy and his feature role in “Silver Linings Playbook” starring Robert De Niro.  With rumors of “Rush Hour 4,” hopefully we will once again see the hilarious team of Detective James Carter and Detective Inspector Lee traveling the globe performing the song they love to sing, “War, what is it good for?, Absolutely nothing.”

Sing it again, Chris!

Maxwell – TwoNight – M2N Tour 2012 一度見たら忘れられないマックスウェル・ライブツアー!

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Maxwell – TwoNight – M2N Tour 2012

ライブの素晴らしさに定評があるグラミー賞受賞R&Bスターのマックスウェルが「マックスウェル・トゥー・ナイト – M2N Tour 2012」を開催。11人編成のバンドを引き連れ、3カ所、各2日(Two Nights)の合計6回公演を行うことになりました。日程は、ロサンジェルスのステープル・センターが7月20日、21日、アトランタのフィリップス・アリーナが7月27日、28日、そしてNJのニューアークのプルーデンシャル・センターが8月3日、4日です。ライヴ内容は1日目がファースト・アルバム「Urban Hang Suite」及び、セカンド・アルバム「Embrya」からの全曲を披露、2日目にサード・アルバム「Now」、4枚目アルバム「 BLACKsummer’snight」よりの全曲を披露するという趣旨なのだそう。また、未発表曲も歌ってくれる予定だとか。ツアーの収益の一部は秋に行われるオバマ/ジョー・バイデン再選支援に充てられるそうです。もう一度あの世界にどっぷり浸りたい人、まだマックスウェル体験をしていない方は是非この機会をお見逃しなく。チケットは48ドルより。



Maxwell – TwoNight – M2N Tour 2012
Now On Sale!

Grammy winning R&B star Maxwell announced that he and his 11 piece band will embark on a 6 day tour, MaxwellTwoNight -M2N tour 2012 – two nights in three cities, scheduled for the cities of Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center, (July 20 and July 21); Atlanta, GA – Phillips Arena (July 27 and July 28) and Newark, NJ at the Prudential Center (August 3 and August 4). Maxwell will perform his discography in its entirety. The first day of the tour Maxwell will perform songs from his first album “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite” and second album “Embrya”. The second day of the tour Maxwell will perform from his third and fourth albums “Now” and “BLACKsummer’snight” respectively. Maxwell will be debuting never performed songs from his BLACKsummer’snight trilogy. lt was also announced that proceeds from the M2N tour merchandise will support the “Obama-Biden 2012” re-election campaign.