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Ne-Yo Live Concert in New York

Saturday December 1st 2018 ‑ Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

ニィーヨとキーシャ・コールのライブが、ニューヨークのマジソン・スクウェア・ガーデンにて行われました。正確に言うと、MSG 内のキャパシティ約3,500 のHulu Theater です。

Love キーシャ・コール

まずはキーシャ・コールが登場。デビュー当時、メアリー J. ブライジの再来と騒がれたキーシャ・コール、2005年のヒット、”Love” そして、“I Changed My Mind”………、 せつない愛を歌い上げます。

I Should Have Cheated“、”Let It Go“、”I Remember“など、懐かしい曲が続きます。2017年にリリースしたキーシャ・コールの7枚目のアルバム、「11:11 Reset」はあまり話題になりませんでしたが、なかなかいい作品に仕上がっています。以下、”Incapable” を聴いてみてください。




So Sick of Love Songs 失恋ソングのニィーヨ

ニィーヨがデビューしたのは2005年、以来、自分のアルバムだけでなく、ビヨンセ、メアリー J. ブライジ、フェイス・エヴァンスなど多くのアーティストにヒット曲を提供してきたことでよく知られています。

オープニング・ナンバーは、2006年のヒット曲、”So Sick” です。”Because of You”, “Miss Independent” などヒット・メドレーが続きます。踊ってはいけない、と忠告されているのに、ステップを踏んだり、左右に歩き回ったり、じっとしていることのできないニィーヨ……..。

”Let Me Love You” など、ニィーヨの愛の世界が繰り広げられます。実はこの曲、ニィーヨが初めて書いた曲なのだそうです。マリオが歌って大ヒット、ニィーヨの名前が俄かに注目された記念すべき曲なのです。さらに、ビヨンセに提供した曲、”Irreplaceable” を披露。そう、♪To The Left ♪ 、というあれです。

Brooklyn in the House ブルックリン・パワー

この6月に新しいアルバム、「グッド・マン」を発表。その中の曲”Push Back” を歌います。ダンス曲なので、オーディエンスから女性をふたり舞台にあげてダンス・バトルを開催。ロング・アイランド出身の白人女性と、ブルックリン出身の黒人女性の対決となりました。観客の大半がブルックリン住民だったようで、ブルックリンのシスターが圧勝!

新しいアルバムのタイトル曲、”Good Man” は、なんとディアンジェロの「Untitled (How Does It Feel)」のサンプルが使われていてびっくり。それもそのはず、プロデューサーはディアンジェロのオリジナル曲 (How Does It Feel) を手掛けたラファエル・サディークなのでした。



Charlie Wilson – Love, Charlie


Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie



by Ken Simmons

(Originally posted on TheDrop.fm)

At an age when most artists are on the road to retirement, Charlie Wilson is in the prime of his career with a Lifetime Achievement Award and a new album, which was released Jan. 29 ― his 60th birthday.

“I say I’m 30. My spirit makes me feel I’m 30,” says the legendary former lead singer of the Gap Band.

On his birthday, Wilson was honored in New York City at a party for his new LP, ‘Love, Charlie.’ He received a proclamation from the New York City Council recognizing his outstanding career and humanitarian work. Councilwoman Inez Dickens commended him for his commitment to being a leader in the fight against two illnesses he has overcome: drug addiction and prostate cancer.

Three days prior, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta ― the telecast is set to air March 31 on TV One. “It is so prestigious for me to receive this award,” he says with great pride. ”I am at a loss of words. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I could win an award like this.”

The Trumpet Awards salute men and women who personally and professionally serve as a constant source of inspiration. In 2008, Wilson was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Due to early detection and treatment, he is now cancer-free and dedicates himself to promoting cancer awareness. He is the national spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which funds 200 research centers in 12 countries. The Charlie Wilson Creativity Award is presented to pioneers in the fight against prostate cancer.

Wilson has also been drug and alcohol-free for the past 19 years after his habit rendered him homeless and literally laying in the gutter. “I loved cocaine,” he admits. “I was homeless. I ended up sleeping in cars or on the street with a brick as my pillow and cardboard as my bed.”

Uncle Charlie and his wife Mahin

Uncle Charlie and his wife Mahin

His life was saved when he met a social worker named Mahin in 1994, while beginning treatment at a rehab center. They were married one year later and since then, they have been at each others’side 24 hours a day. “I go everywhere with my wife,” says Wilson. “We are always together. Some guys tell me they couldn’t do that and they would have to get away sometimes by themselves, but we stay together every minute of the day. Our relationship is strong.”

The crooner thinks back to when he needed to make three major changes in his life to kick his addition. “Drugs and alcohol are so prevalent in the industry so to get clean I had to change people, places and things. You have to change to snap your addiction,” he continues. “I had to admit I had a problem and surrender to God. I have been sober for 19 years. Drug dealers used to come backstage at the show but now my security won’t let them anywhere near me. That is not my life anymore.”

The drug problems haunted him when the Gap Band’s popularity began to fade in the early ’90s. Wilson launched his recording career in 1974, with his brothers, Ronnie and Robert Wilson and sang lead on numerous R&B classics including ‘Outstanding,’ ‘You Dropped a Bomb on Me,’ ‘Yearning for Your Love,’ ‘Early in the Morning,’ ‘Party Train,’ and ‘Burn Rubber on Me.’

Love, Charlie

Love, Charlie

Love, Charlie

Now with his sixth solo album, he calls his new music a Valentine’s Day gift to his fans. “The album is all about love,” Wilson explains. “It’s a love letter with songs like ‘My Love Is All I Have,’ ‘I Think I’m in Love’ and ‘A Million Ways to Love You.’”

‘Love, Charlie’ begins with the song ‘If I Believe,’ which reflects on how Wilson was able to overcome his addiction and turn his life and career around. “It’s about my faith in God,” he reveals. “It’s the first song on the CD and people were telling me not to put it first. I said, ‘I always put God first.’ I want it to be an inspiration. Everyone goes through struggles. Whatever you’re going through, I have been there. My wife told me I needed to write a song about my faith in God and inspire people to believe that yes you can do anything.”

At age 60, Wilson continues to perform nearly 100 concerts a year; he loves to see new faces at his shows. “My fans are getting younger and younger. I keep my show high-energy and I know some of the younger artists can’t keep up with me, “ he says with a smile. “For a lot of people, it’s their first Charlie Wilson concert. Sometimes they’ve come to see someone else on the bill, so I want to make sure by the end of my show that I make them Charlie Wilson fans.”

One year away from his 40th anniversary as a recording artist, Uncle Charlie ― as nicknamed by his close friend Snoop Dogg ― is an inspiration to a younger generation of stars including Snoop, Kanye West, R. Kelly, will.i.am, Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Fantasia and Justin Timberlake. He embraces his role as a mentor to younger artists.

“I am everyone’s favorite uncle. You can ask me anything. I am that cool uncle that you can say things to that you can’t say to your mother or your father,” he states. “I’ve been to hell and back. I’m a living testimony. Some artists will listen, some will not. If they don’t listen it may be too late. So many artists are out here living the fast life.

They’re poppin’ bottles in videos and it sells tickets. But what will it lead to? I know. I’ve been there. I ran that track. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. I crashed and burned. I’m the only survivor of the artists who came out when I began in the 1970s. I want to inspire the younger artists to survive by keeping God in their lives, loving and respecting God.”