DJ June Club Chart – December 10, 2012

howtek & Justin Prime

Showtek & Justin Prime

DJ June Club Chart – December 10, 2012

1. Cannonball – Showtek & Justin Prime

新しいエレクトロ系の人気トラック。とにかくかっこよくて、初めて聞いた人でも絶対フロアで盛り上がってしまう。特に、Trapバージョン (Trap Music – South Music (Rick Ross, Lil Wayneなどのような遅いビート)がナイス。 今、パーティーではトラップ、ダブステップは欠かせませんよ。

New electro big hit by Showtek and Justin Prime. Lots of energy in this track. You just want to rage when you listen to it. I have heard this song in many mixes of other Dj’s and the trap version is a sick banger!! (Trap Music – South Music such as Rick Ross, Lil Wayne….)

2. Let Me Love You – Ne-Yo

わりと前に出た曲ですがやっと人気爆発した感じです。コマーシャル・ポップソングの中でもパーティー向き、今一番盛り上がりそう。リミックスも数多くありますが、私のお気に入りはBob Sinclar Remix、彼のバージョンをよくかけてます。

This song has been out for a while and gradually climbed the chart and now exploded. This could be a great commercial pop song on the dance floor. Out of many remixes I play my favorite Bob Sinclar Remix. Get your groove on!!

3. Scream & Shout – Will.I.AM f/ Britney Spears


t’s too pop to my taste but people went crazy over this song!!  Britney is still the princess of pop after all. Nice beat.

DJ June This Week’s Events

Tue., December 11                        Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Rich Medina

Thur., December 13                        6-9pm Xmas Party for French Connection

@ Don Coqui 28-18 31st Street, Astoria NY

10pm @ Bob – 235 Eldridge street, NYC

Fri., December 14                        Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., December 15                         Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

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