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DJ June New York Club Chartニューヨーク・クラブチャート – September 1, 2015

1. Planes – Jeremih f/ J.Cole

J.Coleってとってもリリシストで 人気ありますよね。この曲はゆっくり過ぎてパーティーではかけられないけど、個人的に好きな曲です。ちなみに 内容は “Mile High Club” = “飛行機の中でHするのが好きな人達”に捧げる曲らしいです。

Featuring J. Cole known as a great lyricist, the two of them dedicate the song to joining the “mile-high club” with a special someone inside of a plane. I like this song personally but it is too slow for the party.

2. Where Ya At – Future f/ Drake

黒人のお兄さん達が大好きな二人のラッパーが一つのトラックに。これは文句なくみんな大好きになる一曲に違いないです。Drakeの Back To Backとビートが似てるので繋げてかけると 良い感じになります。

Two of brothers’ favorite rappers sharing a truck, “Where Ya At” would appeal to the mass without the doubt. Drake is the future………? It feels like a smooth ride featuring this song along with a very similar beat “Back To Back” also by Drake.

3.Yay – Chinx

今年5月に銃弾に倒れたChinxの新曲。なんとなく2000年前半期のヒップホップを思い出させる、なかなか勢いのあるビート。Memphis Bleek の Do My 辺りの感じといったらいいのか。亡くなってから 脚光を浴びだしたChinxだけど、生前にたくさん未公開の曲を作ってたみたいで とっても良い曲が多いです。私的には同じCoke Boyzの French Montanaより好きかも、です。もったいないです。

This is a new song by Chinx, died from a fatal gunshot wound after a drive-byshooting in Jamaica, Queens on May 17, 2015. With aggressive beats his music reminisces early 2000’s hip-hop such as Memphis Bleek’s “Do My”. It seems that Chinx started getting attention posthumously but he left many unreleased songs. To me I love him more than French Montana of Coke Boyz. R.I.P.


DJ June This Week’s Event
Tue 9/1 @ Toca Tuesday w/Tony Touch @ The Delancey
Thu 9/3 @ Slate (54 W 21st St.) 6pm
@ Bob (235 Eldridge St.) 10pm
Fri 9/4 @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel – 11pm
Sat 9/5 @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel – 10pm