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Prince to Take Over The Arsenio Hall Show

Arsenio Hall Show

Arsenio Hall Show

Принц на Шоу Арсенио Холла


Prince took over the Arsenio Hall show on Wednesday night when he was invited as the sole guest invited onto the show. In a rare television appearance, he kicked the show off with a debut performance of Funkroll with 3rd Eye Girl, a track off his upcoming album. Prince also performed his classic hit, “She’s Always in My Hair” and “Mutiny” for an audience, half of which was wearing shades of purple.

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ドン・コーネリウス自殺……?‘Soul Train’s’ Don Cornelius Found Dead

ドン・コーネリウス自殺 「魂電車」は何処へ
‘Soul Train’s’ Don Cornelius Found Dead

Don & Aretha Franklin



Don & Curtis Mayfield


Soul Train hosted by Don Cornelius

日本でもドン・コーネリウスの影響は多大でした。J-WAVEで「ソウル・トレイン」という人気番組のホストだったDJリュウも影響を受けたひとりです。番組を通してドンと何度も会う機会があったDJリュウからも、「一緒に仕事ができてとても光栄です。番組がスタート以来、沢山笑い、たくさん言い合いもしました。伝説がまた一人天国へ。MJ JBらと再会ですね。本当に残念です。」というメッセージが届きました。



Don Cornelius

‘Soul Train’s’ Don Cornelius Found Dead

Don Cornelius was a pioneer. The “Soul Train” creator, who was found dead at his home in Encino, California Wednesday morning, caused a sensation the moment his groundbreaking musical variety show launched nationwide in 1971.

The early evidence suggests he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although authorities stress that the death remains under investigation.

Each Saturday morning, “Soul Train” gave African Americans an opportunity to see themselves reflected on their TV screens. Proud black teens and young adults moving and grooving down the now-classic “Soul Train Line” instantly dictated hairstyles, dance moves and wardrobe choices in the weeks to come. He not only broke artists and songs on a weekly basis, but showcased the amazing dance moves that were reacting to the music.

Cornelius stopped hosting the show in 1993, and “Soul Train” ceased production in 2006.

DJ Ryu, who hosted “Soul Train Radio Show” on Japanese FM station, J-Wave, sent a message through his facebook, “Don Cornelius, R.I.P. I am greatly honored to be a part of your legend. You were so great to me.”

“It meant more to me to perform on #SoulTrain than to win a Grammy…Loved U So Much Don.Thank U RIP,” tweeted MC Hammer.

Love, Peace & Sooooooul!