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DJ Hiro Life Celebration Party at Santos, NYC

DJ Hiro's friends @ Santos by Kenny Rodriguez

DJ Hiro’s friends @ Santos by Kenny Rodriguez



Feb. 17, 1968 – Dec. 3, 2013 – Rest in Peace

On Thursday, DJ Soul and a few friends were getting together at Santos Party House to celebrate the life of DJ Hiro. We’re also raising money to help cover the cost of his funeral. The event started at 8pm and lasted after 4am. I wanted to share the below message from Mike Saes. Well said.

DJ Hiro at Nell's in 1998

DJ Hiro at Nell’s in 1998

I gotta say that I think that went better than expected. Not only cuz I never did an 8 hour dancathon before but really for the key word that Red Alert kept mentioning “VIBE”. It really brought back what NYC night life was all about, the merging of cultures, the dancing, the real music and not the hot new corny rap we get suffocated with in every club. Last night celebrated the DJ, not the hot bitches or the bottle poppers. It was a New York moment. For those that missed it… You got next year, for those that lived it…. We woke up feeling better than we have in a long long time. Though I spotted a few tears on Kaori’s face round 3:45, the night was all about love, love of music, love of old friends and love for our homie. He was in there holding us down.

Grandmaster Flash and Mark Ronson

Grandmaster Flash and Mark Ronson

All Star DJs

All Star DJs

DJ Clark Kent

DJ Clark Kent

Masa, Taquana, Stretch, Kaori & friends

Masa, Taquana, Stretch, Kaori & friends

Props to all that made this epic event happen and especially to Soul who curated the perfect mix of mixers. I’m honored to have been at the best place on earth from 8pm to 4am. Next year we might have to start earlier and have a kids section so all the mothers can come out. I heard it was hard for them to get babysitters on a Thurs.

Peace, Mike Saes.

DJ Riz, Red Alert, Max Glazer, Eli Escobar

DJ Riz, Red Alert, Max Glazer, Eli Escobar

2013 DJ June Club Chart – February 12, 2013

DJ June Club Chart – February 12, 2013

To all my friends! I just got back from AC (Atlantic City) and can you believe that it didn’t snow at all over the weekend!  – DJ June

1. Throw It Up – Rihanna




This is definitely the girl’s anthem.

2. Fuckin’ Problem – A$AP Rocky feat/Kendrick Lamar

これも何度もしつこいくらいリクエストされる曲。さっきかけたのに「もう一回!」と頼まれます。フィーチャーされている Kendrick Lamarがかっこいい。

People keep asking me to play this joint over and over. Didn’t I just play 2 songs ago? SMH

3. Be Faithful – Crooklyn Clan feat/Fatman Scoop

もう10年前以上も経つのに今だに超盛り上がるパーティー・ミックス。フェイス・エヴァンスの’Love Like This Before’のサンプリングでMCはファットマン・スクープ。これを越えるパーティー・ミックスはないんじゃないのかな。DJ Riz と DJ Sizzahandzのプロデューサー・デュオの作るパーティー・ミックスはすごくセンスがよくて、私の働いていたレコード店、「ビート・ストリート」に彼等のコーナーがあったほど人気でした。

Remember this song? We all love this one of the best party mix records of all time produced by the duo called Crooklyn Clan (DJ Riz and DJ Sizzahanz). Fatman Scoop rapped over Faith Evans’ “Love Like This Before” sample. The classic! Crooklyn Clan actually had a little corner at Beat Street (a record store in Brooklyn where I used to work) as their party mixes sold like crazy.

DJ June This Week’s Events 2013

dj-june-new-photoTue., February 12                        Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch and Guest DJ Talib Kweli & EQ

Thu., February 14                        Bob (235 Eldridge Street)

Fri., February 15                        Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., February 16                        Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City