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DJ Souljah Nippon Hip Hop Power Chart DJ, ソルジャー ニッポン・パワー・チャート

DJ Souljah Nippon Hip Hop Power Chart

 2014 Top Fiveアルバム

1. ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron

“ケンドリック・ラマー”で一躍有名となったヒップホップグループ、”ブラック・ヒッピー”のメンバーとしても注目のScHoolboy Q。デビュー・アルバム「オキシモーロン」がめっちゃEast Coastを感じさせる、骨太で格好良くて、今年特に話題となったLAのArtist。

ScHoolboy Q’s debut album “Oxymoron” made a big impact in Hip Hop in 2014. Even though the album has the strong East Coast vibe Q is also a member of West Coast hip hop group Black Hippy, alongside his label-mates and fellow California-based rappers Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar.

2. YG – My Krazy Life

ScHoolboy Qと打って変わって”THE WEST COAST”感 120%で格好良かったのがYGのコチラ。今年のM.V.P. プロデューサーDJ MUSTARDの手腕が光る。そ〜いや、何かこのアルバムの印税の件で2人が揉めてるとか……。

Contrary to rather East sounding ScHoolboy Q, YG’s “My Krazy Life” is 120% down with the West Coast bringing back the sound. Thanks to the great work by this year’s M.V.P. producer DJ Mustard. By the way, you heard these 2 from the better coast are fighting over royalties?

3. Pharrell Williams – Girl


Don’t sleep on the quality album like this which was dropped in the first half of the year that most people tend to forget. “Happy” became a big phenomenon even in the country like Nippon.

4. D’angelo and the Vanguard – Black Messiah

14年振り…諦めかけてた巨匠の新作が “Soulfulで黒い!”こういうのずっと待ってました。

The first album in 14 years by the legendary D’Angelo, “Black Messiah” is absolutely soulful and black. I have been waiting for this!



Let me introduce KOHH, the artist representing Nippon. Watch out “Monochrome” the most talked about album in 2014. This guy is S.I.C.K.!!

DJ Souljah Nippon Power Chart /ニッポン・パワー・チャート by 日本ナンバー・ワン・ヒップホップDJ, ソルジャー

up_9524242014 SEP Chart by DJ Souljah

1. Hot N*gga(Boy) – Bobby Shmurda

本国では既にお馴染みの”Shmoney Dance”がやっと日本でも盛り上がりをみせてきました!

“Shmoney Dance” craze from the U.S. started to invade hip hop dance scene in Nippon (Japan).

2. Hookah – Tyga ft. Young Thug


2 hottest rappers collaborated on this next hit joint.

3. I – Kendrick Lamar

Isley Bros使いが爽やかで素敵です。

I love the way this song sampled Isley Bros s’ong. It’s fresh and nice!

4. Take U There – Jack U

Skrillex & Diploのユニット名。今 日本は特にBass Music系とHip Hopを交えたPlay が流行です。

Skrillex and Diplo teamed up to form new supergroup “Jack U.” EDM especially mixing Bass Music and Hip Hop is becoming a mainstream in Japan.

5. CLUBに来た~When I’m in da Club~ – DJ SOULJAH feat. ERA, 鎮座Dopeness, 環ROY, T.O.P.


Don’t mean to brag about my own sh*t but this song I produced “When I’m In Da Club” quickly spread and became a club anthem. Yes, I’m proud!