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DJ June Club Chart – June 11, 2013

DJ June Club Chart – June 11, 2013

1         Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

前にもチャートに登場しましたが、今ではすっかり浸透してパーティーでの定番曲の仲間入り。今回の Daft Punkアルバムはダンス・ナンバーというよりスローめな曲が多くて嬉しいサプライズ。雰囲気を変えたい時にかけると新鮮で良い。

This was on my previous chart, the lead single from Daft Punk’s new album, “Random Access Memories”. Surprisingly most of songs on the album are rather slow tempo and “Get Lucky” is perfect song to change the mood.

2         Bad Remix – Wale feat. Rihanna

オリジナルのTiara ThomasのフックをRihannaがなぜかそっくりそのままに歌いなおしています。

Sampling by Tiara Thomas. Rihanna did the hook over and sounded just like her. SMH.

3         Beautiful – Mariah Carey feat. Miguel


Miguel came to my party in Atlantic City early in his career. He was so polite and nice. Look how big he is now winning all kinds of awards and singing duet with Miss Diva, Mariah Carey, my man!

DJ June This Week’s Events

DJ June - April 2013 by HachiTue., June 11         10pm Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch


Thur., June 13          6pm @ Empire Hotel After Work Party

10pm @ Bob – 235 Eldridge St., NYC

Fri., June 14                  Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., June 15         Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City