DJ June Club Chart – July 30, 2013


1 F***withmeyouknowigotit – Jay-Z feat. Rick Ross

Rick Rossから始まってJay-Zにバトンタッチ… 流石にこの二人だと文句無しにカッコいい。

It started off with Rick Ross’s verse and passes on to Jay-Z…….Nice. Can’t get any better than that.

2 New Slaves – Kanye West

とにかくビートが洗練されている。Trapバージョンもでていてクラブで絶対使えそう (DJ Snakeバージョンがクラブにはピッタリ)

I love this sophisticated beats. Trap version by DJ Snake would be perfect for the club.

3 Welcome To The Jungle – Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon

かなりパンチの効いたEDMで、所々入るLil Jonのシャウトが強烈に盛り上げてくれる、クラブ栄えする一曲。

This high energy EDM track by a duo named Alvaro & Mercer featuring Lil Jon’s loud, nasty screams seems to get the crowd going!

DJ June This Week’s Events

DJ June

DJ June

Tues, July 30                  @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch

Thurs, Aug. 1                   @ Bob (235 Eldridge Street)

Fri, Aug. 2                       @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel

Sat, Aug. 3                      @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel

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