Mariah Carey Performed in a Fashionable Sling

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Mariah Carey with NY Phil

Mariah Carey with NY Phil

Mariah Carey performed in a fashionable sling that matched her shimmering white dress on Central Park’s Great Lawn on Saturday night for the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert. It was for the benefit of Superstorm Sandy victims.

Mariah Carey at MLB All-Star Charity Concert

Mariah Carey at MLB All-Star Charity Concert

The 43-year-old pop diva went to the hospital Sunday after dislocating her shoulder while filming a music video “Beautiful” remix directed by her husband, Nick Cannon. She told the crowd Saturday she “was in a tiny bit of pain, but I’m OK.”

Carey performed four songs — which sounded live — with the New York Philharmonic. She kicked off the four-song concert with “My All” — full of breathy riffs — and added a white fur to her sling when she sang “Looking In.”

“I’m not in the best of health,” she said. “I’m filming this for my own self for incredible laughs.”

Mariah in sling

Mariah in sling

Carey added that she was humbled to perform at a benefit for Sandy victims. Major League Baseball made a $1 million donation for Sandy relief efforts.

The singer appeared in a black dress when she returned to perform two songs; she also had a feathery black sling to match her outfit.

Randy Jackson best know for as a judge on “American Idol” played guitar when Carey sang “#Beautiful” and a choir, Pentecostal House of Prayer of Deliverance joined the singer when she closed her set with “Hero.”

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