Annual NBPA Turkey Giveaway in Harlem

Thanksgiving Dinner


Annual NBPA Turkey Giveaway in Harlem

The National Basketball Players’ Association held its annual Great Turkey Giveaway in Harlem on Monday, this week. Every year the NBPA hosts a Turkey giveaway just before Thanksgiving as a way for the players to give back to the community. The Harlem community lined up along 126th Street as NBA player John Wallace passed out turkeys to those waiting.

The Great Turkey Giveaway is one of the organization’s favorite philanthropic events, as they giveaway around 9,000 turkeys nationwide. In New York alone, 1,000 turkeys were handed out to needy families while the other cities participating in the giveaway included Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and New Orleans.

Turkey – Sliced

But Should Black People Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Some black liberationist said celebrating Thanksgiving is like celebrating Native American genocide. Black folks in the United States have joined with the descendants of the same European murderers who enslaved them and systematically all but destroyed the Amer-Indian, in feasting and giving thanks to God for the opportunity to live in one of the most racist, imperialist, and oppressive countries on earth. Black People celebrating Thanksgiving Day is like the Americans celebrating the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the so-called Jews celebrating the rise of the Third Reich…….

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