The Legendary Beatnuts Performs at Central Park’s SummerStage

LAMC @ Central Park

Битьнуц– легендарной хип-хоп группа из Нью-Йорка концерт в центральный парк

The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) – described by the NY Times as the “Sundance of Latin Music” – celebrates its 15th anniversary and yet another year of collaboration with SummerStage for an exciting series of concerts featuring the legendary Beatnuts on Wednesday, July 9.

The Beatnuts, which includes Ju-Ju(of Dominican descent) and Psycho Les(of Colombian descent), have paved the way for new generations of Latin artists as the only Latin members of the infamous Native Tongues collective. The Beatnuts is one of the most underrated groups ever in my opinion. Maybe it’s because their hedonistic party-style lyrics……

Originally, JuJu and Psycho Les were DJing parties under the alias Beat Kings. The Jungle Brothers claimed that they were not kings, but rather two nuts for their comical nature and the fact that they were crazy enough to carry hundreds of records to every show they played. They thus changed their name and “it stuck.”

The Beatnuts hit the stage right before 9pm when it was dark. They performed classic hits such as “Off The Books,” “No Escapin’ This,” “Watch Out Now,” “Se Acabo” and “Here’s A Drink.” Their old time collaborators Large Professorand Cuban Linkalso performed and showed some love.

French-Chilean rhymesmith Ana Tijoux, Harlem MC Bodega Bamzand Brooklyn spinner DJTony Touchwere also featured on the show.


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