People born on the Year of the Horse

2014 год лошади

People born on the Year of the Horse – Constantly on the Move

2014 The Year Of The Horse

2014 The Year Of The Horse


The Horse is by nature a gregarious creature and those born under this sign are generally very popular with a wide circle of friends. Given as they are to “horsing around,” they tend to be the life and soul of every party! For centuries the Horse has been the symbol of freedom in cultures all around the world, and this is the case in China, too. Those born in the Year of the Horse do not take kindly to restrictions. Independence is their lifeblood: they need to feel free to go where they please, when they please.

1990 – Metal Horse (24 years old in 2014)

The element of metal gives the Horse an extra dose of arrogant stubbornness, but also adds a degree of resolution that may be lacking in Horses generally. The truth is that Metal Horses need an enormous amount of stimulation to keep boredom at bay. If Metal Horses are kept busy doing something they find interesting, then they’ll work incredibly hard and achieve great things. On the other hand, if they find themselves bored or stuck in some kind of a rut, their behavior can get very wayward, almost out of control. That’s when Metal Horses are liable to simply take off for distant shores or another job, another relationship, whatever it is that can hold their interest for a while.

Sean Kingston - Metal Horse

Sean Kingston – Metal Horse

Soulja Boy - Metal Horse

Soulja Boy – Metal Horse

Sean Kingston (rapper) – February 3, 1990

Soulja Boy (rapper) – July 28, 1990

1978 – Earth Horse (36 years old in 2014)

This is a very different type of horse altogether. The element of earth adds a weight and gravity that other Horses simply do not possess. Earth Horses have a strong sense of responsibility that is definitely not shared by their brethren. At the same time, the element of earth lends a slowness and cautiousness that is not merely uncharacteristic of Horses, but can actively work against the positive attributes of Horse nature. The ego may not be so large, and the fickle skittishness not so obvious, but Earth Horses’ sense of fun and adventure is not so well developed wither. Those born under this combination may well be wise and astute, but on the down side, they are not especially exciting Horses.

Tony Yayo - Earth Horse

Tony Yayo – Earth Horse

Tony Yayo (rapper, G-Unit) – March 31, 1978

Memphis Bleek (rapper) – June 23, 1978

Foxy Brown - Earth Horse

Foxy Brown – Earth Horse

Foxy Brown (rapper) – September 6, 1978

Swizz Beatz - Earth Horse

Swizz Beatz – Earth Horse

Swiss Beatz (producer) – September 13, 1978

Usher Raymond (singer) – October 14, 1978

Shyne - Earth Horse

Shyne – Earth Horse

Shyne (rapper) – November 8, 1978

Eve - Earth Horse

Eve – Earth Horse

Eve (rapper) – November 10, 1978

Trina (rapper) – December 3, 1978

Tyrese Gibson (singer/actor) – December 30, 1978

Papoose - Earth Horse

Papoose – Earth Horse

Papoose (rapper) – December 31, 1978

 1966 – Fire Horse (48 years old in 2014 – Female Fire Horse is Hinoe Uma)

This is a decidedly powerful combination. “Flamboyant” may be one way of describing it, “loud” could be another. The least you can say is that this type of Horse is never backward in coming forward. Those born with this mixture of animal and element are naturally charismatic, always pushing to the front and inevitably finding themselves in the position of leader.

However, they do not really understand tact or diplomacy and are more than likely to speak before they think or simply ride roughshod over others. Although Fire Horses have very magnetic personalities, they do have rather large egos to match the scope of their ambition, and this can sometimes get in the way of their own progress.

DJ Premier (DJ/producer) – March 21, 1966

Janet Jackson - Fire Horse

Janet Jackson – Fire Horse

Janet Jackson (singer) – May 16, 1966

Mike Tyson (boxer) – June 30, 1966

Halle Berry - Fire Horse

Halle Berry – Fire Horse

Halle Berry (actress) – August 14, 1966

1954 – Wood Horse (60 years old in 2014)

The element of wood has a calming influence on almost all animals, and this is particularly true of the Horse. Those born under this combination are a less unruly lot than their brethren and will actually attempt to cooperate with other people. Underneath this external helpfulness, there is still an independent-minded creature that does not handle taking orders very well, but the ego is considerably tempered. Like all Horses, wood Horses have a need to constantly experience new things, but at least they make an attempt to leave their affairs in order before moving on to new pastures. However, Wood Horses do not have quite such quick and accurate perception as other Horses and must, therefore, be careful not to be “taken in.”

Jackie Chan (actor) – April 7, 1954

Condoleezza Rice - Wood Horse

Condoleezza Rice – Wood Horse

Condoleezza Rice (former US Secretary of State) – November 14, 1954

Denzel+Washington+Flight+Premieres+London+-K__tCe8D0klDenzel Washington (actor) – December 28, 1954

1942 – Water Horse (72 years old in 2014)

This type of Horse is especially self-centered, and at this worst, he can show an almost total lack of consideration for others. Water Horses love their creature comforts and enjoy dressing in very bright, stylish clothes. The elusive nature of water, coupled with the easily distracted nature of the Horse, means that those born under this combination have an extra-short attention span. Needing to be on the move all the time, they find it difficult to stay anywhere for long. Water Horses make up for having itchy hooves by being extremely charming, and they are usually forgiven for their shortcomings. They have a way of making their lack of consideration seem rather daredevil, and consequently, to coin a phrase, they “get away with murder.”

Aretha Franklin - Water Horse

Aretha Franklin – Water Horse

Aretha Franklin (singer) – March 25, 1942

Curtis Mayfield (singer/producer) – June 3, 1942

Paul McCartney (singer) – June 18, 1942

Isaac Hayes (singer/producer) – August 20, 1942

Calvin Klein (fashion designer) – November 19, 1942

Jimi Hendrix (guitarist) – November 27, 1942

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