Harlem’s “Mama, I Want To Sing” Goes To Japan!



Read in Japanese

The longest running black off-Broadway musical in American history

Mama, I Want to Sing illustrates the story of many great performers who learned their craft in the church choir. Doris in Mama, I Want to Sing (fashioned after Creator Vy Higginsen‘s own sister Doris Troy) stepped out the church choir, performed during Amateur Night at the Apollo, migrated to London where she performed and provided a gospel and soul underpinning for groups such as the Beatles.

25 years after its first Japanese tour in 1988, Mama, I Want to Sing returns to perform in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. The show will open on December 4th at Tokyu Theater Orb. Ticket price starts 3,000 Yen (cheaper than $35 at Harlem’s Dempsey Theater.)

More Info: mama-i-want-to-sing-japan.com/

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