Dancin’ Doug Tokyo Journal 2013 – Part 2

Buddha in Kamakura

Buddha in Kamakura


Dancin’ Doug Tokyo Journal 2013 – Part 2

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I went all over the City!! It’s huge!! I went to Shibuya, which is like 3 of our Times Square! I went to Shimokitazawa where I let a Chiropractor work on my shoulder. We were THUMPING in there! I refused to yell for mercy and then he got out the hammer!! He bought in a couple of the youngins to hold me down and went to work on me…then he had the nerve to ask me to come back!! I said Hell yeah!! HAHAHA BUT I slept pain free in my shoulder for the first time since last July!!!! Although my neck and back are hurting from his elbow, knees and the hammer!

I also went to Ginza and Shimbashi yesterday. The Hotels here are going to be waaaaaay to expensive in the City, so I’m thinking we stay where I’m at now: Shinagawa Seaside, which is only 2-3 stops on the train outside of Tokyo proper.

Hotel in Shinagawa

Hotel in Shinagawa

More to come!! I’m heading to the Temple today and to see the Big Buddha!



Yesterday I went to the Great Temple.

Doug in Nippon - 1I also went to a viewing of a new style of Art on a canvas that changes as you are watching it!!! Michael Jackson was trying to buy into it right before he passed away. IT IS AMAZING!!!

I finished the day with Traditional Japanese Food; Including several types of grilled chicken on a kabob, a delicious Fish, Vegetables, shrimp and scallop, noodles with dried sea weed (pronounced: oooh-dun) and the best Sake I have ever tasted called “Beauty of the South”.



I am 13 hours ahead of you guys so it is morning here. A new day to see the World!! All Praises to God!



My body is crashing!

Doug in Nippon - 6 Akihabara StationI went to Akihabara, the Famous “Electric City”. Where you can buy the latest technology and gadgets that we won’t get for a few months in the States. It blew me away! Lights are flashing everywhere.

Doug in Nippon - 8 Akihabara Electric TownLast night I went to a Business Dinner at a Luxury Sky-Rise!! It overlooked the Rainbow Bridge and a lot of Tokyo. The food was Absolutely SUPERB: Grilled Fish, Fresh “you make your own Sushi” with Salmon, Tuna and Sea Weed wraps, Rice, Clams, Fried Chicken Balls, Vegetable Tempura, Yakitori Flavored Chicken, Fresh Salad and Sake and a Honey Flavored Whiskey. They threw in the Chicken for me…very nice!!

Today I go back to see the Chiropractor. He put a hurting on me before, but my shoulder has been MUCH better! I have slept nearly pain free for the first time in nearly a year.

SHA-CHO Colon. (that means CEO Colon).



Obviously I was saving the Best for Last!!

Doug getting treatment

Doug getting treatment

I went to see my Chiropractor and he was amazingly easy on me and taped me so perfectly that they look like tattoos. I had a torn tendon in my shoulder that hadn’t healed properly since last July. He worked on me and I slept pain free for the first time since last Summer!!! I owe him a great deal of gratitude. The 2 Doctors I saw in the States only gave me pills for the pain/muscle relaxers and a cortisone shot–but never tried to FIX THE PROBLEM!!

I then went to see the Most Famous Buddha in the World and was repping my Pologrounds Tee shirt so the World knows that WE GET AROUND!

doug_japan1I then went by rickshaw to the famous and stunningly BEAUTIFUL Temple of Kamakura. Absolutely wonderful place!

Ahya took me for the BEST tempura I have ever had in my life at an Old Japanese restaurant and then to dinner at a (Spanish) Restaurant for Sangria, appetizers and Seafood Paella.

It was a Fabulous Day in Tokyo!!

Douggie Chan.


Time to head back to the Ranch. It was a REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE.

Big Up To Ahya

Big Up To Ahya

Doug w/Ahya and the band

Doug w/Ahya and the band

Special Thanks to Ahya and her Crew/Fam for giving me such a warm welcome. I’m in L.A. and ready to get back to the A!


Dancin’ Doug Tokyo Journal 2013 –PART 1


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