Apollo Spring Gala 2012

Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame

Lionel Richie 待望のアポロ劇場殿堂入り!

スター歴40年を誇るライオネル・リッチーがとうとう待望のアポロ劇場 Hall of Fame 殿堂入りすることが決定しました。今年の1月20日に亡くなったエタ・ジェームスも同じく殿堂入りするそうです。そのセレモニー”Apollo Spring Gala 2012”が6月4日、ハーレムのアポロ劇場にて執り行われます。前売り券が売り出されましたのでみなさんすぐに購入しましょう……..と言いたいところですが、スペシャル・チャリティ・イベントなので通常のコンサート・チケットと違い、お一人様$1、250より、とハイエンドなお値段。余裕のある方だけへのご案内です。売上金は劇場の運営費に充てられるそうです。この料金にはショーのあとのアフター・パーティーの入場料も含まれているので、当人のライオネル・リッチーのほか、出席が予定されているスティーヴィー・ワンダー、ジェニファー・ハドソン、ヴァレリー・シンプソンなどのセレブに会えるかも……..。

Lionel Richie


Lionel & Nicole



(212) 531-5347



Apollo To Indust Lionel Richie, Etta James

The Apollo Theater will induct Lionel Richie and the late Etta James into its Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame at its seventh annual Spring Gala on Monday, June 4th. The Gala Benefit Concert and Awards Ceremony raises funds in support of the non-profit theater’s legacy, its current initiatives for artists, and community and educational programs that serve students and families in New York City and beyond.

Each Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame inductee is honored with a plaque in the Apollo Walk Of Fame, installed under the theater’s marquee on 125th Street.

“I was so moved when I found out that I would be inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame, an honor made even more special because it is shared this year with the late Etta James. I am so proud to join my friends, including Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and so many more in the Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame,” said Richie. “The Apollo Theater has meant so much not only to me, but to all of American music. I treasure my memories of the Apollo, each visit is like a family reunion, and I can’t wait for this homecoming to begin. This will be a truly special and unforgettable night for me.”

Tickets for the 2012 Spring Gala and after-party are now on sale. To purchase benefit tickets to the event or to make a donation to the Apollo Theater, call (212) 531-5347. To purchase show-only tickets, visit www.apollotheater.org.

For more on LIONEL RICHIE, visit www.lionelrichie.com.

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