Kiss FM welcomes New PD

ジェフ・ディクソン、KISS FMの救世主になれるか

こ のところレィティングが下降気味のキス・エフエム、喝を入れるべく現在のPD、ジル・ストラーダを解任してあらたにジェフ・ディクソンを迎え入れることを 発表。実は、ジェフは以前キスにいたこともある、業界でのキャリア34年というベテラン・ラジオ・マンなのです。25歳から54歳までのリスナーを対象と したデモグラフィーはお手のもの、アトランタのWALRを辞任して古巣、Kiss FM をかつてのナンバー・ワンに復活させるべく全力を注ぐ覚悟で戻ってきました。

プ ログラム・ディレクターというのは局の方向性を決める最も重要なポストです。ターゲットにするリスナー層にどのようにアピールするかがPDのスキルの見せ 所。いけてるライバル局、WBLSには、スティーヴ・ハーヴィーのモーニング・ショー、夕方のキース・スウェットの「クワイエット・ストーム」など人気番 組が揃っていてレィティングをしっかり獲得しています。その強敵、BLSに打ち勝つのは至難のワザ……..。ジェフ・ディクソン、KISS FMの救世主になれるでしょうか……..?

WQHT (Hot-97, 97.1 FM)         3.314 million
WWPR (Power-105, 105.1 FM)     3.211 million
WBLS (107.5 FM)             2.135 million
WRKS (Kiss FM, 98.7 FM)         1.959 million

SVP/Market Mgr. Alexandra Cameron said, “KISS FM’s value in the market is very significant and we believe strongly that JAY will demonstrate that and dominate in the ratings once again.” DIXON started his broadcasting career in 1977 as a high school reporter at WILD/Boston. Over the past 34 years, his career has expanded across many formats including Top 40, Country, Classic Hits and Urban. He has held positions as Production/Creative Services Director at 98.7 KISS FM NEW YORK, Mix DJ (as JAY MIXIN‘ DIXON) and as Program/Operations Manager at COX MEDIA WBHK/BIRMINGHAM and WALR/ATLANTA. “WALR had tremendous ratings success in PPM during my tenure,” recalls DIXON, “a station with a very unique position as Old School R&B’ we played no currents and stayed Top 5 25 54. Working with other COX Urban teams in Birmingham, Orlando, Greenville, New Haven, and Miami was truly awesome. The stations stayed in the top 5 in their target demos — most of them in the top two or first place ranks. I have also worked with the RADIO ONE/REACH MEDIA team launching Rickey Smiley on WEDR/Miami and working with ABC/CITADEL when we added Michael Baisden to our stations in Greenville, Orlando and Mmiami and had a lot of success stories developing various projects with Tom Joyner.” “I’m thrilled about returning to 98.7 KISS FM New York as Program Director,” added Dixon. “This has been my dream forever! It’ll be like a family reunion with the EMMIS/NY folks — taking me back to my roots in the greatest city in the world. It’ll truly be an honor to be working with Alex, Ebro, Rick and the entire on-air staff.”


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