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DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– November 12, 2013


1 Red Nose – Sage The Gemini

なんとなくFinatticzの“Don’t Stop That Thun Thun” のに似た感じのサウンド。ちょっぴり哀愁がただようメロディ。ミュージック・ビデオもフッドぽくて楽しい。

Something urban and colorful video shot in West Oakland, CA. “Red Nose” sounds a bit like “Don’t Stop That Thun Thun” by Finatticz.

2 Paranoid – Ty Dolla $ign feat. B.O.B.

ノリがよくて踊れるヒップホップ。”I’m Different” – 2 Chainzあたりとからめてかけたりしてます。今は、ダンスやエレクトロばかりだし、ヒップホップというとトラップ(BPM プが60-70 プあたりの遅い曲)になってしまうし………。クラブでがっつり踊れるヒップホップ、もって頑張ってほしいです。
I love this rockin’ hip-hop song. I enjoy playing “Paranoid” and “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz back to back. Current club scene is dominated by dance/electoro music and hip-hop means trap with BPM around 60-70, real slow. I love to hear more hip-hop song like this one.

3 Sh#t – Future


Future says something over real slow beats. Somebody tell me what he’s saying (l.o.l.) This song is always requested by hardcore hip-hop loving black guys. It’s not for dancing but if you are Rick Ross/Future fans you would love this sh#t!


DJ June This Week’s Events

Tue., Nov. 12 Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge with Tony Touch & DJ Toro
Thur., Nov. 14 10pm @ Bob – 235 Eldridge Street, NYC
Fri., Nov. 15 Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City
Sat., Nov. 16 Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

DJ June Club Chart – November 26, 2012

2 Chainz

DJ June Club Chart – November 26, 2012

1. I’m Different – 2 Chainz

夏頃に発売された曲で、今までクラブでもラジオでも全然かからなかったのに最近急にヘビーローテーション。DJはみんなRack Cityなんかと一緒にかけています。

This joint was dropped last summer and nobody noticed until now. It’s getting played at clubs like crazy and became heavy rotation on the radio. All DJs are playing this song and Rack City by Tyga back to back.

2. Diamonds Remix f/ Kanye West


Original song is so beautiful. Better without Kanye’s verses, in my opinion (lol).

3. She Got A Big Booty – Play-N-Skillz f/ Lil Jon & 2 Chainz

ダンス系パーティー・ソングに2 Chainzが..しかもLil Jonと一緒に。ノリのいい曲なのでこれからクラブでも絶対かかると思います。

2 Chainz did this dance track with non other than Lil Jon. It’s definitely a banger. Will do well in the club.

DJ June This Week’s Events

Tue., November 27                        Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Lounge

Thu., November 29                        Bob (235 Eldridge Street)

Fri., November 30                        Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City

Sat., December 1                         Providence @ Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City