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「ママ・アイ・ウォント・トゥ・シング」主役ノエル・ヒギンセンからメッセージ“Mama, I Want To Sing” Leaves for Japan!


“Mama, I Want To Sing” Leaves for Japan!
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1988年の日本初演から25周年となる記念すべき日本公演、「 Mama, I Want To Sing”」に是非お越し下さい。チケットは3000円から、お手頃なハーレム価格でご観覧いただけます。


Harlem’s “Mama, I Want To Sing” Leaves for Japan!

The longest running black off-Broadway musical in American history

Mama, I Want to Sing wrapped up this season’s shows and the cast members is going to leave for Japan on December 1st.

25 years after its first Japanese tour in 1988, Mama, I Want to Sing returns to perform in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. The show will open on December 4th at Tokyu Theater Orb. Ticket price starts 3,000 Yen (cheaper than $35 at Harlem’s Dempsey Theater.)

More Info: mama-i-want-to-sing-japan.com/