サムライDJ ソルジャー”Samurai DJ” DJ Souljah






ミックス・テープ、DVDのリリースを大々的に展開してDJとしてのスキルを確立したDJソルジャーの名前はNYの日本人ヒップホップ・コミュニティの間でもよく知られています。彼がNY滞在中の1999年~2010年の約10間の間、クラブでのパフォーマンスなどでファンを拡大、エミネムの衛星ラジオ番組「Shady 45」で日本人初のDJ ミックスを披露するまでにいたりました。マンハッタンにあった大箱クラブ「Avalon」でレジデントDJを務め、ジョン・レジェンドやティンバーランドのお誕生パーティーの特別DJを依頼されたり、ソルジャーの評判はイースト・コーストで急速に広まってゆきました。


ニューヨークにはたくさんのDJがいます。ソルジャーが他の人たちと大きく違う点がひとつありました。それは、彼が初期の頃よりマネジメントを設立して、共同体として「DJ Souljah」ブランドを確立しようと試みたことです。今では当たり前ですが、マーケティングソーシャル・メディアをうまくとりいれたのです。選曲の良さ、カッティングやスクラッチのスキルなどDJとしての才能が申し分ないということもあって、DJ Souljah Mix CD シリーズは大成功を収めました。

現在は、日本を中心にアジア各国でヒップホップDJ ・プロデューサーとして活躍しています。

ホームページ www.primecuts.com



DJ SOULJAH has earned international recognition for his highly successful series of mixtapes, DVDs and live performances across the globe.


After receiving universal exposure and respect on Japanese radio, his innovative skills caught the attention of Eminem and he became the first Japanese DJ ever on his Shady 45 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.


The Bible of hip-hop, The Source magazine, praised Souljah, profiling him twice in the “Real Hip-Hop” segment and honoring him as the first Japanese DJ working in New York City to be featured in the publication.


Known affectionately as “Samurai DJ” for his cutting edge techniques, Souljah has also been endorsed by Jay-Z’s long time producer Just Blaze who proclaimed:. “DJ Souljah is one of the most powerful DJs I’ve ever known.”


After growing up in Japan, Souljah moved to New York City in 1999 and rocked The Big Apple’s biggest arenas and clubs for five years before returning to Japan in 2010. He became famous as the resident DJ at one of Manhattan’s most popular dance venues, Avalon (formerly known as the legendary club The Limelight), and spun at birthday parties for numerous celebrities including Grammy award winners John Legend and Timbaland.


DJ Souljah spent much of 2010 and 2011 on triumphant tours of Europe and Asia including Thailand, Bangkok, Taiwan and Korea. He also starred in one of the biggest DJ tours in the history of Japan as more than 30,000 club goers in over 30 cities idolized him for his unique artistry and musical variety including hip-hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton, house, top 40, and classics. His ability to feel the vibe of the crowd, channel it through his turntables and rock any party earned him the nickname of “V.I.B.” Very Important Banger, a.k.a. Alpha Dog (“Leader of the Pack”).


DJ Souljah has released several mixtape CDs including “The Exclusives series: Hip-Hop Hits 2, Hip-Hop Hits 3, and 2000-2010 Decade Hits on Manhattan Records in 2009 and 2010. Hip-Hop Hits 3 featured the renowned KRS-One, whose song “You Must Learn” produced by Souljah hit number 3 on the Oricon Indies Chart and immediately became part of the rapper’s live performance set. Souljah distinguished himself as one of the few Japanese DJs to produce for such a revered MC, bridging the international gap and uniting the worlds of Japanese and American hip-hop.


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