DJ June New York Club Chart ニューヨーク・クラブチャート– September 30, 2014

Kendrick Lamar
Знаменитый японский женщин-ди-джеем в Нью-Йорке

1. I – Kendrick Lamar

Isley Brothers の“That Lady”を思い切りサンプル、コーラスもキャッチーです。一回聞いただけでばっちり覚えちゃいます。ソウルフルにボップな雰囲気を混ぜ込んでて、なんとなくOutkastっぽい。アウトキャスト、かっこよかったなぁ、また復活してほしい!

Kendrick Lamar’s new single samples the Isley Brothers’ classic “Who’s That Lady.” It is so catchy, upbeat and funky you fall in love instantly. Mixing soul and pop reminds me of a signature music style of Outkast. I miss them so much! Please come back.

2. Boom Clap – Charli XCX

Iggy Azaleaとのコラボ、 “Fancy”で一躍有名になったシンガー、Charliのシングル。リラックスできる感じの歌モノで、とっても良いです。テンポの速いダンス・リミックスもでていて、クラブでそちらのほうが人気があります。“Fancy”を聞いた時、なんとなく声がグエン・ステファーニに似てるなぁと思いました。あの曲、グエンとやっていたらもっと売れたかも。

Charli wrote and was featured on “Fancy” with Iggy azalea of which brought her to international prominence. The faster tempo club version is already being played at clubs and is well received. The first time I heard her I thought her voice sounds much like Gwen Stefani. If Gwen had done that song it might have been more successful, I wonder…….

3. Club Goin’ Up on A Tuesday – IloveMakonnen feat. Drake (remix)


リミックスにはDrakeも入ってるんで、そりゃHip Hop好きな人は大好きだろうな。

When I played this song at the lounge for people mostly from the hood in Brooklyn they loved it!! You don’t hear this type of slow songs in clubs in Atlantic City. But I guarantee hip-hop fans would love this remix featuring Drake.

DJ June - April 2013 by Hachi

DJ June This Week’s Event

Tue, 9/30       @ Santos Party House with Tony Touch and guest Pete Rock

Thu, 10/2        @ Bob (235 Eldridge street) 10pm~

Fri, 10/3         @ Providence AC in the Tropicana Hotel 11pm~

Sat, 10/4        @ Providence AC 10pm~





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