DJ June New York Club Chart – February 11, 2014 Знаменитый японский женщина DJ в нью-Йорке



1             Happy – Pharrell

最近大活躍のPharrell, Daft Punk やRobin Thickeらとのコラボでグラミーやらを取りましたね。彼の最新曲は、オールディーズぽいチャーミングな曲、なんだかファレルさん、前より歌が上手になったような気が…….。ネプチューンズ時代、いろいろな曲にコーラスで参加(eg. Jay Zの “I Just Wanna Love You”) していた頃に比べてめっきり上達したような!この曲はラジオでもよくかかってます。

Pharrell having a big presence at last month’s Grammy Awards, taking home four trophies including record of the year for “Get Lucky,” his summer hit with Daft Punk dropped a new song, “Happy.” Am I the only one noticed he became a better singer……..?

2.         F For You –Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige


British brothers Disclosure (Guy and Howard Lawrence) released their debut album “Settle” in 2013. Now they teamed up with R&B great Mary J. Blige for a new version of their song “F For You.” Their joint effort is surprising and great! I personally love this song!

3.         Show Me – Kid Inc feat. Chris Brown

Robin Sの大ヒット曲 Show Me Loveをそのまま使いでスローにのっけたヒップホップ/R&B。コーラスはChris Brown、絶対ヒットしないわけないです。クラブでも大人気です。前にも書いたように“Show Me Love”はいまでもパーティーで大盛り上がりです。なぜだか不思議な現象です。

DJ Mustard produced “Show Me” featured a hook and bridge by Chris Brown. As the title suggested it contains a sample of Robin S.’s 1993 big hit “Show Me Love” which still dominates the dance floor after so many years.

DJ June

DJ June

DJ June This Week’s Events
Tue Feb. 11 – Toca Tuesday @ Sutra Tony Touch w/ Guest DJ Moma

Thurs Feb. 13 – 10pm @ bOb (235 Eldridge street b/w Houston & Stanton)

Fri Feb. 14 – 11pm @ Providence AC in Tropicana Hotel Atlantic City
Sat Feb. 15 – 10pm @ Providence AC

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