Chez Lucienne 本格派フレンチ・ビストロ「シェ・ルシエン」

 Chez Lucienne – 308 Lenox Avenue at 125th Street (212) 289-5555 MAP

ハーレムのフレンチ・ビストロ「シェ・ルシエン」をご紹介しましょう。 地下鉄2,3の125丁目の駅の目の前、125丁目とレノックスという素晴らしいロケーションにあります。隣りの人気レストラン、「レッド・ルースター」に入れずこちらに流れてくるお客さんがいたり……..ネイバー同士もちつもたれつ、仲良く共存しています。







Authentic French Bistro “Chez Lucienne”

This is a great French bistro. I really appreciate its existence in the area. Nice ambience, a quite little spot right next to the Red Rooster but it’s not as expensive as Red Rooster.

The service is not all that great on a consistent basis but the food is pretty good. You can’t ask for more on 125th and Lenox.

The tables are packed close together which made it challenging to get up and go to the restroom.

Overall this place seems more like a local hang out with decent food and with just an OK service. Not much to brag about it, neither to complain so much……..

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